AIBSNLEA has finally launched on 1st May,2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & representing in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts , Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs engineering wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.   <<<Click here for letter of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office>>>


 CIRCLE OFFICE BEARERS LIST                                                    << 5th Conference-"Keynote Address by CS">>                                                                         


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Circle  President                      Finance Secretary                               Circle Secretary

V.CHANDRASEKARAN               S.SHRITHARAN                                 P.UDAYASURIYAN



            The Chief General Manager,

             BSNL, Chennai Telephones,

             No.78.P.H.Road, Chennai-10.

 Respected Madam,          

SUB:   Performance of BSNL-Ch.TD during Hours of Crisis - Reg        


             We would like to place on records our great appreciation and deep gratitude for the excellent leadership qualities exhibited by our CGM during the days of crisis, when Chennai faced torrential Rains and consequent flooding. But for your constant support and on the Field supervision/Guidance, BSNL-Ch.TD could not have stood up to the expectation of aggrieved Public in general and our esteemed Customers in particular.  We are glad to note that your untiring efforts in all these seven days has brought Laurels to our company and hope our BSNL CO will definitely recognize and appreciate the performance of our Chennai Telephones. 

             While on the one hand our entire Team Chennai Telephones has worked for restoration of services, it is to be borne in mind that most of our employees and Executives suffered innumerable losses in the domestic front due to the havoc caused by the rain.

                In this regard, we appeal to our CGM to consider the following requests, which once approved and sanctioned will go a long way in motivating the strong workforce of BSNL-Ch.TD to perform still more better in the days to come.

          1. Immediate Release of Funds to carry out repairs in Exchanges /Quarters.

          2. Grant of Flood Relief to the affected employees in our Ch.TD.

          3. Grant of liberal Flood advance to all the Executives/Non-Executives

          4. Grant of Special Casual Leave from 2nd to 4th December 2015.

          5. Immediate Sanction of GPF Advance/Withdrawal without any restriction to meet  the urgent need in view of damages            caused by heavy downpour  and flood.

 With warm regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ( P.UDAYASURIYAN)




05-12-2015        Flash News...  CGM ChTD instruction....

        In many parts of Chennai Landline and Mobile networks are down due to heavy downpour for last one week. BSNL is the first organisation to give helping hand in this deadly situation by announcing free calls and data in LL and mobile network.  

        As per CGM CHTD instructions, All Executives and Non Executive Staffs must raise to this occasion and have to attend duty on 06.12.15 (Sunday) without fail in restoration of service.

All our members must ensure to attend office Tomorrow (06.12.15) and serve people by rendering optimum services. 

Chennai Corporation and Traffic police has given blanket permission for digging and laying cables for speedy restoration of service.Hence Area GMs/DGMs shall extend support to their officers/staffs for completing the task at the earliest.


30-11-2015       BSNL CO.............

1. VC in connection with Promotion to the grade of Joint GM(NF)  called by BSNL CO  dated on 27/11/15. Sri K.Balaji(201002520) DGM (NSS) from CHTD 

2.Further- Date of Joining  called for the following AGM.DET on Adhoc & Regular basis from Chennai Telephones


1.112 33636 D C RAMAMURTHY 15 06 1959 OC CHTD
2.131 31041 S.SUNDARESAN 03 07 1959 OC CHTD
3.140 31099 M.S.V.L.N.S.JWALAPRASAD 15 04 1959 OC transferred to AP Cir.
4.144 34000 SELVAGANESAN.R 10 09 1956 OC  Got VRS
5.151 31960 MOHAN DOSS P 04 03 1956 OC CHTD
6.210 34305 SRIDHARAN.D 15 05 1960 OC CHTD
7.270 33798 MUTHUSAMY V. 12 04 1960 SC CHTD
8.285 103010 SUKUMAR V. 02 06 1966 ST CHTD
9.438 37672 RAJESWARI K. 02 02 1973 SC CHTD
10.454 30640 M Gunasekaran 2 6 1958 OC CHTD

24-11-15 : CS written a letter to  CGM and highlighted the points for improvement of service in Chennai Telephones...

23-11-15 CS addressed issues reg Settlement of grievances of Finance Personnel to GM(F)

Letter given by CS to GM(F) regarding settlement of grievances of Finance Personnel.


<< Click here for the Letter >> 

21-11-2015           7th Pay Commission Recommendation highlights..

* 23.55% increase in pay and allowances recommended

* Recommendations to be implemented from January 1, 2016

* Minimum pay fixed at Rs 18,000 per month; maximum pay at Rs 2.25 lakh 

The rate of annual increment retained at 3%

* 24% hike in pensions

* One Rank One Pension proposed for civilian government employees on line of OROP for armed forces

* Ceiling of gratuity enhanced from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh; ceiling on gratuity to be raised by 25 per cent whenever DA rises by 50 per cent

* Cabinet Secretary to get Rs 2.5 lakh as against Rs 90,000 per month pay band currently

* Financial impact of implementing recommendations will be Rs 1.02 lakh crore – Rs 73,650 crore to be borne by Central Budget and Rs 28,450 crore by Railway Budget.

* Total impact of Commission’s recommendation to raise the ratio of expenditure on salary and wages to GDP by

     0.65 % points to 0.7%

* Military Service Pay (MSP), which is a compensation for the various aspects of military service, will be admissible to the defence forces personnel only

* MSP for service officers more than doubled to Rs 15,500 per month from Rs 6,000 currently; for nursing officers to Rs 10,800 from Rs 4,200; for JCO/ORs to Rs 5,200 from Rs 2,000 and for non-combatants to Rs 3,600 from Rs 1,000

* Short service commissioned officers will be allowed to exit the armed forces at any point in time between 7 to 10 years of service

* Commission recommends abolishing 52 allowances; another 36 allowances subsumed in existing allowances or in newly proposed allowances.

* Recommendations will impact 47 lakh serving govt employees, 52 lakh pensioners, including defence personnel


Regarding Pay revision in PSUs

        As far as Salary Revision is concerned, Very Few of few PSUs follows the Pay Revision guidelines of CPCs.  As far as a typical PSU is concerned like ONGC Ltd, IOCL, HPCL, BHEL, GAIL, SAIL and host of others, Salary of their employees, both Board level and below-board level are guided by a SEPARATE Pay revision committee. 

  It is also important to note here that Pay Revision of Central Govt employees are due from 01.01.2016 while that of Typical PSUs employees are due from 01.01.2017. The last pay revision guidelines for Central Govt and PSUs employees were implemented from 01.01.2006 and 01.01.2007 respectively.

Since the pay revision of PSUs employees have to be financed from the resources of concerned PSUs itself, unlike the case of Central Govt employees where it is financed through Budgetary resources, It is very difficult to give even a rough range of hike in Salary of PSUs employees. Even, following the earlier pay revision implementation among PSUs, the hike was different in different PSUs.   

17-11-2015   BSNL Reports Operating Profit of Rs. 672 Crores for Financial Year

 Press Trust of India , 17 November 2015

Reversing the trend, state-run BSNL on Tuesday reported an operating profit of Rs. 672 crores for the financial year 2015 on the back of fall in administrative costs and jump in revenues. The company had posted an operating loss of Rs. 691 crores in the previous fiscal.

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava said income from services increased by 4.16 percent to Rs. 27,242 crores in 2014-15, which is highest in comparison to the previous five years. Income from services stood at Rs. 26,153 crores in 2013-14.

"BSNL had bad results for the last few years, but in year 2014-15, it has been able to reverse the trend. Also it is a known fact that most of the telecom majors are having heavy debt burdens but it still continues to be relatively better, showing a low debt-equity ratio," Shrivastava said.


He added the debt equity ratio of  BSNL is around 0.13 percent, which is lowest in the industry. Shrivastava said BSNL is making relentless efforts to revive itself under the leadership of Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is very keen to restore the pristine glory of the company.

<<Click for the news>> 

09-11-2015                *****HAPPY DEEPAVALI Wishes to all Staff****

AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes Deepavali Greetings to all BSNL Staff.

07-11-2015     AGM/DE Looking After Orders released at Chennai Telephones..

Looking After orders in the cadre of AGM/DE at Chennai Telephones..

<<Click Here for the Orders>>

Transfer and Posting Orders of Sri.V.KrishnaMurthy to Chennai Telephones

<< Click Here for the Orders>> 

07-11-2015       AGM/DE transfer and Posting Order released by BSNL CO..

          Transfer and Posting in the cadre of AGM/DE in Telecom Operation Stream released by BSNL CO, New Delhi           

04-11-2015               SUPERANNUATION [31/10/15 ]

1.DGM- CM Marketing :

Our Senior Com.K.VAITHYANATHAN, DGM-CM Marketing and   our CWC Member  retired on 31.10.2015.Circle Secretary  with Anna Road office bearers met  him  in his chamber and on behalf of CS our senior Com.V.Sunder DE (Rtd) honoured him with shawl.

2.Anna Road Superannuation meeting:

Superannuation meeting   of Sri.A.MANI  DE ARD (Extl) was  held on 31-10-2015 at Anna Road Campus . GM Central, DGM ARD, External Officers and staffs attended the meeting .Our Branch Secretary Com.S.Appavoo  & CS attended and addressed the gathering in this official meeting.  Circle Secretary praised  about the valuable contributions made to DOT/BSNL  in varies field by Sri.A.MANI DE in his 36 years of service. CS honoured him with Shawl  and Com.T.R.Meenakshi presented memento on behalf of ARD Branch.


28-10-2015    Sorting out Pay Fixation issue of few left out JAO (Offtg) staffs...

    Few Staff of Chennai Telephones who were given JAO(O) in 2002/2003 after clearing Part-I Exam and is still in NE Pay Scale have presented issue of Non Fixation of their Pay Scale. Already GS CHQ had presented such cases in BSNL CO/CMD Level.

       CS CHTD assured to support their Appeal and to take up the issue again with GS in the present scenario, where pay fixation of TTA to JTO(O) is sorted out.

27-10-2015         Kind Attention: Instructions from CGM CHTD

        CGM CHTD instrcuted to keep sufficient Diesel Stock to meet the emergency requirement to run the Exchanges/ BTS in case of Power Failure due to heavy rains(expected in two days).

All the Exchange in charges are requested to keep your Team ready to face the emergencies please. 

27-10-2015     CGM Meeting with TXM/TP/ TXI postponed to 29-10-2015

       Meeting of CGM with TXM/TP/TXI scheduled on 28-10-2015 is postponed to 29-10-2015

26-10-2015    Letter given by CS to CGM CHTD with suggestions for service improvement

 26/10/2015: Meeting with CGM Chennai Telephones on 23.10.15

 KCM Branch Secretary Com.K.Guhan DE TXM , Finance Secretary  & Circle Secretary met CGM  on 23.10.15 on urgent basis  and had detailed discussion on the following issues: 

1.SDE who have declined DE promotion  to be given  DE looking after  at the   earliest.

2. Officers of Tiruvanmiyur division HR issues discussed.

3. Smt. Sujannah Daminya Rajeswari SDE Tender GSM KK Nagar transfer order issued on 29.07.15 but not yet implemented. Highlighted  to CGM to solve this issue very soon.

3. East Tambaram  NGN Cutover was on 19.10.15.After that more than 500 LL& BB customer complaints received in Tambaram area. Requested CGM to intervene and sort out the problem without further revenue loss.

4. Mainly Transmission wing issues discussed elaborately viz Staffs, Splicing machines, contractor support and to reduce gap between transmission wing and Head of Circle.CGM immediately responded and verified with Development wing and informed us that tender for purchase of six splicing machine is in final stage. 

 As per our request CGM has called for meeting with TXM /TP/TXI on 28.10.15.Thanks to CGM for spending two hours with us only for developmental activities in Chennai Telephones.


21-10-2015                  Happy Saraswathi Pooja and Ayutha Pooja Wishes!!


 14-10-2015                   CHQ NEWS ... ! AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the Recruitment Rules of JTO (Telecom) 2014. BSNL Corporate Office today notified the Recruitment Rules of JTO (Telecom) 2014. <<<Click here for order>>>> This has paved the way for regularization of Officiating JTOs and LICE for filling the vacant posts of JTOs. AIBSNLEA will continue its efforts for early regularization of Officiating JTOs and notification of the LICE for filling the vacant posts of JTOs.

2.Consideration of request / tenure transfer cases of SDEs/DEs:

We requested for early consideration of request / tenure transfer cases of the SDEs/DEs. And also to consider the requests of transfers from the DEs who have completed more than two years in a circle and were posted on promotion to distant circles. GM (Pers.) mentioned that as requested by this Association some of the transfer orders of SDEs/ DEs who have completed two years’ service have been considered today and the remaining cases of tenure / request transfer of SDEs/ DEs will be considered in this month itself.


 12-10-2015      CHQ NEWS...

1.DPE issued order regarding payment of IDA at revised rates w.e.f. 01.10.2015 (Revised IDA rate w.e.f.01.10.2015=107.9%) for  Board Level Posts and Below Board Level Posts Including Non-Unionised Supervisors In CPSEs Revisions Of Scales of Pay w.e.f 01.01.2007 - <<<<Click here for order>>>>

2.Status of ACRs for promotion from DE(T)/AGM to DGM(T):  The executives, who are to be considered as per eligibility for promotion to DGM (T) is attached herewith <<<<Click here for list>>>. The details of APARs not received year wise also mentioned for inf. pl [Blank - Available , NA - Not available]

All the CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries / Branch Secretaries are requested to pursue for sending the pending ACRs at the earliest for conducting the CPC.

 07/10/15 :     Courtesy meet with GM (TR &  Finance )...

Our Circle President Com.V.Chandrasekaran AO(TR),Finance Secretary Com.S.Shritharan OSD, Asst.Fin.Secretary V.Palani AO(TR) and Circle Secretary met GM Finance at her chamber on 29/09/15 and honoured and greeted with bouquet, Shawl and sweets for assuming charge as GM Finance.

 1.We convey our thanks to GM (F) for posting CAO at WBA through our continuous persuasion. In the meeting we elaborately discussed about Chennai Telephones Accounts issues particularly shortage of AO/CAO and requested for giving LA to senior officers for filling remaining AO/CAO posts.

 2.GM(F) has fixed and implemented 40,000 lines for one AO(TR).But our association strongly protested and refixed 30,000 to 32,000 lines for one AO(TR) after detailed discussion.GM(F) agreed to transfer AOs as per the new norms. 

 3.Space constraint in VII floor of ARD (CBA) is discussed and insisted for sorting out the long pending issue  and GM(F) agreed to solve this sensitive issue.

 4.The Cash and Accounts section must be situated as per the  arrangement existed before formation of Business Areas to avoid delay in processing bills and huge expenditure occurring due to various aspects.

 5.MOU has to be signed  for  TNEB bills with ICICI or IOB or who ever is willing to accept to avoid huge amount of penalty to be paid to TNEB. Field officers can concentrate in field work instead of running to Central Settlement Cell (CSC) , Kushkumar Road. Already this issue was taken and discussed with CGM also.

 6.In Central Zone (CBA) work allocation of CAO/AO/JAOs are not uniform. Requested GM(F) to give instruction to DGM(F)  for proper justifying work  allocation.

 7.AO GSM (MR) transfer case also stopped. The same was informed to concerned officer.

 The above issues discussed with GM(F) was also intimated to DGM(HQ&FC).

We had cordial and fruitful discussion with GM(F) and she has agreed to sort out the above issues.


07-10-2015                 CHQ  important news......

Amendment in BSNL MSRRs of EE (Civil/Electrical/Arch): We extended our sincere thanks to Director (HR) for getting approval of the BSNL Board on allowing Diploma holder SDE (C/E) having 10 years technical experience for the promotion of EE (C/E). But we expressed our concern against the court cases in various courts and requested to get transferred all these court cases in in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi. Dir (HR) assured to direct PGM (BW) for getting transferred all court cases in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi.

CPC from JTO to SDE (T) CPC against seniority cum fitness quota: Conduction of DPC for Seniority and fitness quota as per DoPT guidelines for the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 to fill up about 6600 SDEs posts:

GM (Pers) informed that the draft reply has been sent to Kerala Circle for further submission to Hon'ble High Court Kerala and as soon as the stay order is vacated from the Hon'ble HC Kerala, the CPC will be expedited and promotion order of 4000 SDEs will be issued immediately. 

GM (Pers) further mentioned that in the stay order granted by Hon`ble CAT Chandigarh on promotion from JTO to SDE Telecom has been clubbed with AO to CAO court case and one Advocate has been nominated to take legal opinion from ASG/SG on the issue of SC/ST roster implementations on promotions the meeting with the nominated Advocate has been fixed up tomorrow to explain the case. Dir (HR) directed GM (Pers) to monitor the case closely and ensure an early solution.

CPC from SDE (T)/DE(Adhoc) to DE Regular: Immediate CPC to fill up the left out about 11 DEs Posts and  about 750 DEs posts on regular basis up to the vacancies of  year 2013-14.

GM (Pers) informed that 11 DE's Promotion order of left out cases will be issued shortly and about 750 DEs promotion order on regular basis will be issued before 31st October, 2015 in case ACRs / VCRs are received, about 300 VCRs have been received. 

CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.) on Adhoc/Regular basis to fill up about 700 DGM vacant posts: GM (Pers) informed that CPC work is in progress from DE to DGM and about 300 DGM promotions can be issued before 31st October, 2015 in case the ACRs/VCRs of the concerned DEs are received in Pers Cell, about 186 VCRs have been received.

CPC from JAO to AO and AO to CAO to fill up the vacant posts: Director (HR) assured to direct GM (FP) to expedite CPCs from JAO to AO and AO to CAO. She also directed GM (Pers) to sit with GM (FP) and ensure common reply to the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh on SC/ST Roaster implementation.  She assured an early action in this regard.

CPC from DGM (Fin)-Adhoc to DGM (Fin) - Regular basis: Director (HR) informed that the CPC work is in progress in SEA Cell & promotion orders will be issued shortly.

CPCs from JTO (C/E) to SDE (C/E) and SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E): Director (HR) mentioned that CPCs from JTO(C/E) to SDE(C/E) are in progress. And the CPCs from SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E) have been initiated to fill up the vacant EE(C/E) posts and after the vacation of stay order the promotion orders will be issued.

CPCs from JTO (TF) to SDE (TF), SDE (TF) to DE/AGM (TF) and  LDCE from JTO (TF) to SDEs (TF): We extended thanks for issuing 12 DGM promotion orders in Telecom. Factory Wing and requested to expedite CPCs to fill up the SDE(TF) and AGM(TF) posts and to notified LDCE from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) immediately Dir (HR) directed GM(Pers) to send the requisition to recruitment cell for the notification of LDCE immediately and             GM (Pers) informed that SDE (TF) to AGM(TF) CPC has been expedited and shortly promotion order will be issued.

Promotion from Assistants to Section officers and Personal Assistant to Private Secretaries, SO to AGM and AGM to DGM in the erstwhile CSS and CSSS: GM (Pers) apprised that the promotions are up to date i.e. promotion from AM to DM- finalized and settled, promotion from PA to PS- LICE proposal already sent to DE section. To be notified shortly and examination is to be held in the 3rd qtr of this year as proposed by DE section, promotion from SO to AGM- Finalized and settled, promotion from AGM to DGM- Finalized and settled.

Post based promotions for PA/PS, common recruitment rules and nomenclature and introduction of promotion policy for Stenos (dying cadre): GM(Pers) informed that reports about number of posts in various circles have been received and case will be presented before committee headed by ED (CN) shortly. Dir (HR) directed GM (Pers) to ensure submission of committee report within one month period to the competent authority.

Restructuring of AD(OL) Cadre:- The committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri Harsh Wardhan Addl. GM(CP&M) BSNL CO. has submitted the report to the competent authority to revise the pay scale of Rajbhasha Adhikari at PAR with SDE/AO Scale. Shortly the case will be put up to the competent authority for approval. We have demanded to restructure the cadre by change of designation as AD(OL) and to ensure promotion up to DD(OL) STS Grade.

GM (Pers) informed that the committee recommendation on restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre has been processed to the competent authority for approval and shortly the issue will be resolved after the approval of the BSNL Board. Dir (HR) assured an early decision in this regard.

Immediate implementation of digital signature by all circles with respect to EPF cases settlement of BSNL recruited employees, resolution of all EPF Anomalies, and EPF contribution during training period: Director (HR) further mentioned that the anomalies in the EPF for direct recruit executives are being resolved and the EPF contribution during the training period is being paid.

Promotions through LDCE in SDE cadre: We requested for early declaration of result for last LDCE and conduction of LDCE for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) for the vacancy available till date.

GM (Pers) informed that an expert committee has been constituted to examine the grievances of the candidates and now the Answer key has been finalized and will be published shortly. The result is being prepared but the results will be declared only after clearance from Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh on SC/ST roaster implementation on promotions.

Settlement of pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay than their juniors and antedating of pay: AIBSNLEA pleaded to implement the Honorable Supreme Court judgment allowing stepping up of pay to all affected executives as the AIBSNLEA was party in the Apex court. Case of 124 executives decided based on court judgement. However as discussed in the meeting with Dir (HR) and union the case is to be seen in generality and gentility. GM (Pers) informed that the information of the eligible executives has been called from Circle to calculate the financial implications. We pleaded that information about retires is also required to be taken from Circles. Dir (HR), directed GM (Pers) to look into the matter.

Regarding antedating of pay, Director (HR) directed GM (Estt.) to hold further discussions with the association separately to resolve the issue at the earliest.

On the issue of an increment @ 3% at the time of executive time bound upgradation on their basic pay on time bound promotion and subsequently 3% increment benefit on vertical promotion, GM (Estt) informed that the case has been sent to EF Cell for financial concurrence and after receiving it the necessary orders will be issued in this regard.

E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs: The BSNL Management Committee has cleared the proposal of E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs which is pending for BSNL Board approval.

Director (HR) directed GM(Estt.) to put up the case in the next board meeting positively de-linking from HR plan approval.

Early finalization of New SDE RR-2014 & JTO RRs-2014 (without degradation of Scale & Qualification) and in line with the suggestions submitted by associations: Director (HR) informed that the SDE RR-2014 has been resubmitted before BSNL Board de linking from HR plan. Earlier Board had returned the case with remarks. To be decided after approval of HR plan. We extended our thanks for getting approve JTO (RR) in the last board meeting and requested to initiate the process of regularization of officiating JTOs and to conduct LICE. GM(Estt) confirmed that yesterday only the minutes of BSNL Board meeting has been received in the estt. Cell and shortly necessary action for regularization of officiating JTOs and conduction of LICE will be initiated.  

Request for fixation of pay in respect of departmental outsiders (TTAs) appointed as JTOs through JTO Direct recruitment 2007- Issuance of clarification regarding: TTA to JTO (Direct) quota pay fixation case: We pleaded to allow to exercise option on promotion to the JTOs recruited under Direct Quota after technical resignation from TTA Cadre as per DOP&T guidelines and other PSUs HR policies on the matter. Dir (HR) further directed GM(Estt.) to examine the case in detail for an early decision  as per the documents submitted by association side.

12. Improvement in the revised policy for service GSM, RSRTC & Broadband to Executive:

a)    Enhancement of 200 free calls limit per month on RSTC & enhancement of free call limit on GSM Telephone connection to STS level officers from 500 to 800 calls.

b)   Rent free broadband service connection to all executive with BSNL 750 Plan. Sr. GM (Admn) has processed the case to the competent authority for rent free Broadband connection

c)    All the BSNL Executive should be provided GSM handsets of the cost Rs. 3000/-Rs. 4000/- & Rs. 5000/- to the JTO/SDE/DE level executive instead of Rs.1500/-, Rs. 2500, Rs.3500/- respectively.

d)   All executives should be allowed CUG facility on RSTC at Circle level.

e)    3G mobile service with Data facility to all Executives.

All above issue were discussed in details with justifications and it was assured by Director (HR) that all above issues are under consideration and shortly decision in regard will be taken. 

Extension of ERP Package for the benefit of the BSNL Pensioners and Extension of Concessional broadband facility to retired BSNL Employees residing under MTNL area as given by BSNL & MTNL to their serving and retired Employees residing in their respective service areas/ jurisdictions: Dir(HR.) directed DGM (Admn) to put up these issues immediately for consideration as already taken up by this association and pensioners association.

On the remaining old agenda items already discussed on 15.09.2015 will further be discussed in the next meeting with Dir (HR). Dir (HR) directed GM(Estt.) also to hold regular schedule meeting with the association to discuss the agenda items prior to the meeting with Dir (HR) as being done by GM(Pers).

The meeting ended with thanks to the chair. The discussions were very cordial, effective and fruitful the next meeting with Dir (HR) will be held on 28th October-2015.


06-10-2015  CS Submitted the letter to CGM and GM (F) regarding Stoppage of Recovery and restoration of the original pay of the affected Executives of 1997,1998 and 1999 JAO/AO Batch and AO(Offtg)

                Click here for the                     << Letter to CGM & GM(F) >>       << BNSL CO Order >>







03-10-2015          Settling of Electrical/Civil Bills..... 

The following GMs are new to the Areas in CHTD

GM (Central) - Sri B. Ramachandran     &  GM (North) - Sri S. Venkatesan

GM (West) - Sri V.S. Ilanthirai          &   GM (South) - Sri S. Pugazhendhi 

      Electrical/Civil Wings of CHTD is requested to appraise the pending bills with Area GMs, by meeting the respective Area GMs and sort out the issues at the earliest.EE/SDEs (Electrical/Civil) may take the files pending for settlement to CAO/ DGM (F) personally, and discuss the cases for resolution. Services in Areas should not be affected due to non settlement of files/payment of Bills. Already Monsoon season is approaching and efforts may be taken to reduce the breakdown time.


01-10-15: 16th BSNL  day Wishes to all.   Let us work for bringing back BSNL to right track.

      Dear Circle and Branch Office Bearers:

                 Comrades, Today is the 16th BSNL day. From the safe and powerful zone of monopoly in telecom service provider industry we are currently pushed to the core competition and we are fighting for survival now. We all can work together and bring back BSNL to its glory.

                  All our staff can work as individual marketing points for customers and can build confidence about our products in general public. Each of us can market 31 nos of Landline/Broadband connection this month as a starting. Our comrades in External units may take the service of external staff for mobilizing the road and door canvasing. High time has come that each of the employee has to contribute to the revenue/customer base growth of our company.

                    We can all work together for making non technically feasible areas to feasible areas, utilize the maximum resources of BSNL in the form of cable pairs. More than 35% of revenue in BSNL CHTD is from Broadband customers. In this view our CO have introduced new BB plan of 1091(8Mbps) to bring customers back to our pavilion. Plans like VDSL plans(16Mbps&24Mbps) may be given maximum publicity,where ever feasible.

                      Our CSC staffs can do charismatic job by pleasing behaviour towards customers. Light of happiness may be spread to the minds of customers, by giving customer satisfaction. Let us all come together and lead our beloved company towards right track of success in this occasion. 


29-09-2015 CS has submitted letter to CGM on 25/09/15 vide ltr no:AIBSNLEA/ChTD/2015-16/CGM- dt 27th September 2015

 To: The CGM, BSNL, Chennai Telephones, No.78. P.H.Road, Chennai-600 010.

           Sub:  Posting & Rearrangement in the cadre of SAG/JAG -Reg.          

Respected Madam, 

Recalling our initial welcome meeting with your good self on the great occasion of your assuming the highest office as Head of our Circle, we once again feel happy and proud to have an able Administrator and an experienced Technocrat as our Team Leader. Neither our Association nor the Ch.TD set up is new to our CGM, and we are delighted to state that our voices were heard with due importance by you on all the earlier occasions. It is that spirit which makes as to be a proactive Association and we feel the following inputs aimed at improvement of our BSNL Services in Chennai will also be taken in the right perspective. 

The shortage at the highest level of Decision making in Field units especially in the Areas is not conducive to face the present competitive scenario and hence we request you to fill up these vacancies by awarding G.M Looking on for the remaining two additional GMs and also to the regular DGMs which is in tune with the BSNL CO guidelines. 

Similarly, we also wish that the load on our Senior SAG Officer namely the GM-HR&ADMN who is also taking care of TXM & EB be reduced so that his concentration with one Unit will realise better efficiency. 

It is furthermore suggested that the energetic GM-TXI (who has outperformed the target in FTTH fixed by our CGM during his short stint as GM-North ) should be fully utilised by way of  additional load like TXM etc., as deemed fit be the Administration in the interest of Service.

Transmission being the main Area of operation in this era of Fibre connectivity, can be better managed if split in to three sections one each under the control of a JAG Officer namely  North, south and Central instead of the present two. 

The huge potential in the Madhavaram Area is left un tapped for want of proper supervision under a JAG Officer and our long pending demand of posting a DGM in this Area is to be considered with top priority, else this Area will vanish from the Ch.TD Map in due course. 

The face of any Circle is its Operational Planning wing which is the driving force behind all of our Technical Activities and this is to be managed exclusively by a dedicated JAG Officer. 

We are of the considered opinion that our CGM will definitely bestow due importance for the above suggestions and take necessary steps at the earliest. 

With warm regards,


1. The Sr. General Manager (HR & ADMN), BSNL Chennai Telephones.


23-09-2015 (News) Shri M.S.S Rao,ITS  will continue as CGMT Kerala Circle as per High Court Kerala Direction.. 

 Hearty Congratulations to Shri. M.S.S Rao is allowed to continue as CGMT Kerala till 30th November 2015 as ordered by High Court of Kerala (23-09-2015) today. What we have reported in AIBSNLEA Kerala site regarding real Assessment of the happenings in Kerala Circle has been proved to be legally true and valid. Now it has become crystal clear to all that what we upheld is always true to natural justice nad fully judicious before law. Let this be an eye-opener to all to view the issue on its right perspective with an open mind totally un biased and without any prejudice. Its the Cosmic Law that the good will win over over the bad eventually. Lets strive hard and initiate all our efforts to make BSNL Kerala carry forward the present glory and to remain always in the Top.

 21-09-2015                                  Anna Road Branch meeting….

Anna Road Branch meeting will be held at 17-00hrs on 23.09.15 at First floor, Recreation club Anna Road old Building.Com V.Palani (AO TR) AFS will organize the meeting along with Branch Secretary Com.B.Appavoo(SDE).

Agenda of the meeting: 1.Members grievance 2.Felicitation for Com.P.Padmanabhan (CAO) Branch President superannuation on 30.09.15. All the Branch office bearers and members will participate in the meeting.


 19-09-2015   Hats off to our Great Leader Com. Prahlad Rai…. 

My dear JTO (offtg) comrades , As every one of us knows , AIBSNLEA is the one and only Association which has persistently fought in court for clearing out JTO(offtg) related issues and has been humbly pleading to CMD and to each and every member of the BSNL board right from the beginning of the case for the finalization of  JTO RR- 2015.Some more blockades are to be crossed through to the destination of JTO( R ). 

Certainly we will pass through and AIBSNLEA leadership is always with you ...


 18-09-2015    CHQ NEWS  [JTO RR-2015 has been approved]

Congratulations ! JTO RR- 2015 almost approved by BSNL Board Meeting held today & nbsp;- GS discussed the matter with the concern officers of BSNL Corporate Office regarding approval of JTO RR- 2015 in the BSNL Board Meeting & nbsp; held today F/N as per the assurance given by CMD BSNL and Director(HR), BSNL Board.

It is understood that today in BSNL Board Meeting , JTO RR-2015 has been approved. The stalemate in the regularization process of officiating JTOs is broken. The regularization of officiating JTOs will immediately takes place. Also, the JTO recruitment through LICE to fill up about 1200 JTO posts will also begin. The Para-8 transfers of JTOs will also get the way for settlement since substitutes will be available. Spl. Drive of JTO recruitment  in deficit circles will also takes place ect.

We are extremely thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR), GM(Estt.), Sr. GM(Legal) for getting approved the issue from BSNL Board.


18.09.2015: AMB,AVD& PML -Branch meeting for improvement of Service...

  Ambattur, Avadi  and PML Emergency Branch  meeting was held on 14.09.2015 at 13-00Hrs at Ponamallee in connection with the  Development activities to prevent disconnection of LL & BB . Com.N.Balasubramanian Ex.OS (North) and  CS attended the meeting. Since day to day lot of new residential apartments are coming up in this area, we  have to concentrate on giving FTTH connections which will boost our revenue to multifold. 


Members actively participated and expressed their valuable suggestions/opinions & grievances. CS acknowledged their grievances and promised to take up with Management to resolve the issues in appropriate time. Com P.Ramalingam BS well organized the meeting followed by lunch also.


17-09-15                            Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi wishes to all....

AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes a Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi to all...


15-09-2015      CS pursuing talks with DGM CA/CSC for Avoiding penalty payment to TNEB

      CS was repeatedly requesting CGM & DGM(F) to take steps for signing MoU with ICICI/IOB for avoiding delay in payments to TNEB and stop paying huge amount as Penalty.

    Exchange in charges are finding it difficult to get approval within the time limit for payment to TNEB, which results in paying heavy penalty amount.

      CS met  Sri. P.Balakrishnan DGM CA/CSC (Central Settlement Cell) and discussed the issue on 14-09-2015.

CS is continuously pursuing the issue to stop leakage of BSNL money by means of payment of penalty amounts. 

15-09-2015            BSNL CO order regarding   HRA:

Re-classification/up-gradation of Cities/Town on the basis of Census - 2011 for the purpose of grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) to Central Government Employees and said that these instructions are applicable to all BSNL employees both in absorbed and Un-absorbed.

<<<Click here for the letter >>>

09-09-2015               CHQ NEWS..

 (08.09.2015) Meeting with GM (Pers). GS along with FS and AGS (HQ) met GM (Pers) and discussed:

a). Filling of the vacant DGM Posts: We extended our thanks for initiating DGM (L/A) arrangements in BSNL Corporate Office to fill up the vacant Telecom Operation and Telecom Finance posts. And also requested to fill up all vacant DGM Posts through Adhoc/Regular CPCs at the earliest. GM (Pers) mentioned that the ACRs/VCRs of the eligible DEs are being collected and assured an early CPC meeting in this regard.

b). Filling of the DE/AGM Posts: GM (Pers.) mentioned that the CPC work is under progress to fill up around 700 vacant DEs posts up to the vacancy year 2014-15. The remaining about 1000 DEs posts against the FY 2015-16 will be filled up simultaneously. The VCRs / ACRs are being collected. The court case on SC/ST roaster is also listed for hearing on 21st September 2015 in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh. He directed AGM (DPC) to process the case of promotions of the left out DEs cases for whom the VCRs are available. AGM (DPC) processed the cases immediately and thereafter GM (Pers.) took the approval of Director (HR) today itself to promote 58 SDEs to DEs on Regular basis. We extend our since thanks to Director (HR), GM (Pers) and their team for prompt action.

c). CPC from JTO(T) to SDE (T): We requested GM (Pers.) to expedite the CPC from JTO(T) to SDE (T) under seniority quota. GM (Pers.) assured to discuss the matter with CGMT Kerala Circle for early hearing in the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala through BSNL’s advocate.

d). Notional pay fixation w.e.f. 01.10.2000 to all upgraded posts at par with JAO and restructuring of AD (OL) cadre: GM (Pers.) spoke with GM (Estt) and requested him to give early clearance to both the cases.


10-09-2015   Congrats'  on regular promotion as AGM/DE ....

 AIBSNLEA -CHQ consistent efforts yielded result in getting released the orders in respect of  58 Executives for Regular Promotion from SDE(T) to AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/- 

 <<<Click here for the order copy >>>

 Out of 58 Executives, 8 officers got promotion in Chennai Telephones out of which 3 officers are posted  in ChTD itself including Com.K.Sivagami.  

 Smt.G.Padmakumari  AGM  is transferred from Kerala Telecom Circle to ChTD at her own cost.


05-09-2015   CS Report  in CWC Meet at Kolkata  on  25/8/15...


AIBSNLEA / ChTD / 2015-16 /  CWC / CS REPORT/01        Dt: 25/08/2015

 Respected President, our beloved GS and my dear comrades, 

I am extremely happy to be here on the occasion of our Second CWC after the AIC, and I wish to submit a few points before this August Forum. 

Comrades, AIBSNLEA-ChTD has got the thumps up in its arms after the historic Merger or Home coming of Existing Association with AIBSNLEA during December 2014. I wish to convey my sincere thanks to all those comrades especially our beloved GS who were instrumental in forging this unity. From there upon it is history and we are seeing more and more such mergers across BSNL and the time is not far away when AIBSNLEA will be the only Association for the entire Executive cadre of BSNL. 

The following points are submitted for consideration by this august body to deliberate and direct our CHQ and for further necessary action. 

1.The promottee DGMs who have already got regular promotion to the cadre of JAG must also be considered for looking after charges as Area Heads / SSA Heads [GMs L/A]. 

2.The Financial Powers of DGMs are to be increased and the burden on the files requiring the approval of GMs (specifically for financial aspects alone) must be reduced due to the fact that the strength of GMs are reducing day by day.

 3.The officiating arrangement for TTA to JTOs has been agreed by the BSNL Board but the modalities to be followed are yet to be notified and this needs immediate perusal by our CHQ. 

4.The formation of a subsidiary CELL Tower company will be against the interest of BSNL, now that there is a considerable regular increase in our Customer Base. 

5.The recently issued order re designating all the Non Executive cadre (e.g. TTA as J.E,etc.,) will not show any improvement in performance level, but only will lead to confusion in the daily working and we request our CHQ  to impress upon  BSNL CO   so that the designation JE is not degraded but retained in the Executive level only. 

6.Since the BSNL CO is collecting and updating data regularly from the Circles in respect of Executives and their stay etc., the transfer order back to the respective parent circle for those Executives on completion of the stipulated period as assured by the then DIR-HR (2 years normally and 1&1/2 year for Tenure circles) may be processed and issued without waiting for a formal request duly forwarded by the Heads of Circles. However the date of relief can be monitored by the CGMs to ensure the stay period. 

7.Apart from this, whenever posting orders are issued on bulk promotions, preference may be extended for relief of those officers already sent to other Circles during the previous DPC without waiting for the stipulated Tenure Period.( of course without any TA/TP) . 

8.As repeatedly pointed out, we urge the CHQ to pursue with our Dir-HR and make sure that the posting on promotion to Executives (All Wings) is only to the neighboring Circles in order to ensure that they are able to reach their Home Town over-night in case of Emergency. 

9.Implementation of ERP has taken its toll in the performance of Executives (both Finance and Engineering) and separate wing under each GM Area is to be formed for ERP alone till such time the issues are settled. 

10.There was news in media regarding the VRS of BSNL Employees. It was stated that Employees should have completed either 31 years of service or attaining the age of 55 years in service. GS- CHQ may discuss and clarify the above media news.  

11.Pay revision for JAO 40% Departmental Quota 2010:  AIBSNLEA and        especially the role played by our Com.Prahlad Rai , GS  is exemplary and      AIBSNEA ChTD convey our heartfelt thanks to CHQ. 

12.CS insisted CHQ to take up the long pending promotion case of AO to CAO      and DE to DGM (Telecom). 

13.AGMs /DEs working in Kolkata Telephones met CS (ChTD & TN circle) and expressed their grievances regarding transfer to home circle after completion of 2 years as per DIR (HR) commitment. But local administration violating the transfer policy by extending transfer from 2 years to 4 years .CS addressed this issue to CHQ and  CS,Kolkata and insisted to intervene and solve this issue amicably. 

  AIBSNLEA-Chennai Telephones has ensured that the majority of Executives are with us in Chennai and the recent Circle Conference in   22nd & 23rd May 2015 was an ample evidence for the same. I assure you comrade GS that more efforts will be made to secure maximum membership strength to us in Ch.TD before the actual Membership verification process. CS appreciated Kolkata Telephones for excellent arrangements, hospitality , accommodation for the CWC meet. 

With best wishes,

 Yours comradely, 



<<More Images>> 

05-09-2015                              Janmashtami Wishes to all....

AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes Krishna Janmashtami to all BSNL Staff

 02-09-2015    D. Viability of BSNL and other Pension related issue: CHQ News

1. Shri Amit Gupta,   Kolkata TD,               Mob. No. 9433000088               - Chairman

2. Shri V. K. Paramshivam, Tamil Nadu,     Mob. No. 9486102087               - Member

3. Shri P. Udayasuryan,       Chennai TD,     Mob. No. 9444404111               - Member

4. Shri S. R. Patil,               Karnataka,       Mob. No. 9448010746                -  Member

5. Shri Parvej Khan,          Madhya Pradesh, Mob. No. 9425001163             -  Member

6. Shri R. J. Kaw,              Jammu & Kashmir, Mob. No. 9419120186         -  Member

7. Shri M. K. Morodia,    Rajasthan,               Mob. No. 9413395858           -  Member

8. Shri Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhayay, Kolkata TD, Mob. No. 9432000184  -  Member

9. Shri M. M. Kanani,   Gujarat,                      Mob. No. 9427217002             -  Member


 01-09-2015                                About General strike call ....

As per decision taken in the CWC meeting held at Kolkata, AIBSNLEA extends its Solidarity Moral support to the General Strike on 2nd September 2015 by Central Trade Unions.


 29-08-15  : Kind Attn Branch Secretaries & Circle Office Bearers....

All the Branch Secretaries are requested to remit subscription upto June’2015.Left out comrades from  July ‘14 to June ’15 with Circle conference fees as per our 1st  Circle Executive committee decision so as to remit the amount to CHQ Quota. Kindly contact Our Circle Finance Secretary Com.S.Shritharan  (Mob no: 9444979295) and submit the subscription immediately.

 All Branch Secretaries are requested to pursue the payment for Diary 2015 for their Branches.  



Dear Comrades, 2nd CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE Meeting of AIBSNLEA-CHQ Held at Kolkata From 25th to 26th August 2015.On behalf of Chennai Telephones Circle Secretary with Com.Srinivasan AO(TR-ADY) CWC Member, participated in the CWC Meeting.


28-08-2015                  ****** HAPPY ONAM GREETINGS *****

                                        AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes a Happy and Prosperous Onam to all BSNL staff


ஓணம் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் 

25-08-2015   Shri.Anupam Shrivatsav CMD BSNL addressed the gathering at CWC Kolkata..

   Shri Anupam Shrivatsav CMD BSNL addressed the August gathering at open session of CWC held at Kolkata on 25-08-2015 and spoke on the following points:

1. CMD informed that despite losses which are mainly due to depreciation, we are still able to stand on our own legs paying approx Rs. 1500/- crore as salary without external support. We still generate sufficient revenue.

2. With introduction of free night calling in LL &  free all India roaming in BSNL,  turnaround has already begun in BSNL. In July'15,  BSNL got maximum connections among all operators. Number of connections just doubled. CMD requested that now it's our turn to give  momentum to this turn around by maximizing connections by organizing melas and shibirs. We have to encash these schemes before they lose their shelf life. 

3. CMD has said that next two years are very important for survival of BSNL. CMD has instructed all Circle Heads to take employee unions/associations in full confidence and push ahead for more and more connections so that benefits of roll out of two major schemes can be reaped.

4.  He informed that companies like ITIL,  Air India couldn't get benefits of pay revision.  But he expressed confidence that with support of entire work force we will work with full dedication and God willing we will all get benefit of 3rd PRC.

5. CMD informed that MOC going to review his performance in one year and he may be removed if he fails to perform. He in turn has set mid term targets to all CGMs and GMs if performance is poor he said that they may be transferred to places they won't like.

6. On tower subsidiary CMD informed that new company will be in full control of BSNL and said that asset depreciation loss can be passed to new company and profit of new company can reaped to BSNL. Only we have to see that company structure is such that it remains under BSNL control and with active support of all unions and associations he will try his best to ensure that.

7. Other operators are adding new sites every month,  but BSNL is unable to do so due to lack of capital. To mitigate the problem,  CMD informed that BSNL is soon going into intra Circle roaming agreements with private operators so that capital expenditure is saved.

8. CMD assured that he will put his best efforts for resolution of each and every HR issue affecting his workforce. But he requested the workforce to put best efforts for increasing BSNL revenue for next two years. Because if BSNL comes to profit many issues will be automatically resolved.

9. CMD opined God's blessings are with BSNL now because all operators are facing equal flak over call drop,  that means we are not worse than them. So we have to rise to the occasion and push hard to increase sales right from this moment.

10. Dir CFA informed that to counter 4G which is very costly and BSNL cannot implement,  we are going for 40000 WiFi hotspots which have capacity of seamless roaming even between 3G sites if network becomes unavailable.i. e.  inter operability possible between 3G &  WiFi.

NB: CMD took permission from MOC to miss an important Central Govt meeting, suddenly called by MOC on same date in New Delhi, and instead attend an employee association meeting in Kolkata as he wanted to motivate the work force to push ahead for increasing revenue for next two critical years.

              With a CMD who is working very hard to boost revenue for BSNL and so much employee friendly it's our duty to support him 200%. Let's work hard enough so that within next two years we are able to turn around our beloved company BSNL. 

25-08-2015     Re deployment of ITS officers at Chennai TD.

                 The following ITS Officers who were relieved to DOT are redeployed to BSNL CHTD.

1. Sri. R.Ganesan - Sr.GM

2. Smt. D.Thilagavathy Addl GM

3. Sri. S.Venkatesan - Addl GM

4. Sri. V.S. Ilanthirai - Addl GM 

24-08-2015      Requirement of APARS of SDE(T)s / Adhoc DEs for considering them for promotion to AGM/DE(T) on regular basis...

            List of Officers for whom APARs are required for considering them for promotion to AGM/DE (T) on regular basis released by BSNL CO is given below.


<<BSNL CO Letter>>                    << Click here for the List>> 

24-08-2015     CWC Meeting at Kolkata..

   2nd CWC meeting of AIBSNLEA will be held at Kolkata on 25th and 26th  August 2015. CS AIBSNLEA CHTD and team will attend the CWC meeting and will highlight the issues of CHTD. 



 13-08-2015    BSNL News in Media - from CHQ site...

(i) VRS for  MTNL, BSNL Employees likely soon    <<<Click here for detail news>>>>

(ii) Govt blames UPA rule for poor financial condition of BSNL <<<Click here for detail news>>>>

(iii) BSNL to outsource mgmt of its 65000 towers  <<<Click here for detail news>>>>

12-08-2015   Best Wishes for Com. B. Arumugaraj BS,Circle Office on VRS retirement ...

     After completing successful 37 years of successful service in DoT/BSNL with wonderful remarks, Com B. Arumugaraj BS Circle Office  is retiring on VRS. Hearty congratulations for the all the excellent services made to the Association with CS. 




10-08-2015: Meeting of JAO 40% Departmental Quota 2010 batch of Chennai Telephones

 A meeting of JAO 40% Departmental Quota 2010 batch of Chennai Telephones was held on 10/08/2015 at 15.30 Hrs at Flower bazzar Telephone Exchange building to thank AIBSNLEA for getting the order on pay fixation from the date of promotion to the 2010 batch JAOs.

The meeting was well attended with participation of 20 JAOs from all Business Areas.  Due to urgent official commitment Sri.P.Udayasuriyan CS was unable to attend the meeting and on his absence Com.K.Rajnarayanan JAO (Pay) COBA,  ACS conducted the meeting as per direction of CS.  The history of the case and the role played by AIBSNLEA in getting the option order was briefed to the JAO comrades. All of them felt that without the intervention of AIBSNLEA and especially the role played by Com.Prahlad Rai  our respected GS this pay revision would not have been possible.

 Various issues pertaining to JAOs of CHTD was also discussed.

Ü  Uniform Interpretation of the pay fixation order dated 24/07/15 by all the DDOs

Ü  Rotational transfer for JAOs of 2010 batch as most of the have completed more than 5 years in the present post

Ü  Considering L/A for eligible JAOs as there are lot of AO vacancies in CHTD

Ü  The pay of all the eligible JAOs should be fixed immediately and the same should be fed in ERP this month

The list of participants are Comrades 1.K.Rajanrayanan 2.P.Suresh 3.L.Venkatakrishnan 4. K.Baskar 5. Mahesh  6. Murali 7.S.Venkatesh  8. B.Kumarasamy 9. Elango  10.P.Senthilkumar  11. Valli Sivakumar  12. Karpagam Sainath  13.Bhuvaneswari  14.Benita Ponmalar 15.G.Janaki 16. Champakalakshmi Krishnan 17.Mahalakshmi Boopalan 18.Usharani Natarajan 19.Sahaya Sharmila 20.Srikanth

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Sri.P.Suresh FS KK Nagar Branch.The above issues will 

08-08-2015                Our Com.Sai Baba AGS-CHQ visited Chennai on 06-08-15

           Our AGS Com Sai Baba visited Chennai on 6th Aug 2015. CS TN Circle & AGS met CS CHTD and CS honored him with shawl and discussed about the latest developments of CHQ.



 06-08-2015 : APARs called for DEs to DGMs Promotion.... 

   List of DEs working in ChTD is given below.Left out DEs shall intimate to Circle Secretary & Admn for taking up the case with BSNL CO.

     Sub: Requirement of APARs/Shown certificate of all working AGM/DE(T)s on regular basis for considering them for promotion to DGM(T) as per              eligibility-reg.

    Ref: 1.BSNL CO Letter No.451-15/2013-Pers(DPC)/9 dtd 02.06.15

           2.No.451-15/2015-Pers(DPC) dtd 04.08.15 

  Staff No. Name of the Officer DD MM YYYY circle
16 15026 KUPPUSWAMY P 5 7 1957 CHTD
17 15032 D. BHASKAR 10 03 1956 CHTD
21 16141 VAITHYANATHAN. K 29 10 1955 CHTD
22 16151 VENKATARAMAN. S 16 8 1955 CHTD
23 16277 DEVIKA C. S. 13 1 1956 CHTD
25 16340 LALITHA G. 16 4 1956 CHTD
38 16505 JEYAKUMAR K. 26 5 1956 CHTD
49 16667 N. VENKATESWARAN 3 6 1958 CHTD
66 16729 ETHIRAJAVALLI S. 25 6 1958 CHTD
102 17049 P.PANDIYAN 29 3 1958 CHTD
126 17336 R RAMASWAMY 20 10 1958 CHTD
128 17338 SMT UMA PARVATHY 5 18 1959 CHTD
136 17358 KALYANI V 13 10 1959 CHTD
142 17373 T NALINI 20 4 1959 CHTD
149 17391 SAM SUGIRINA RAJ P 17 4 1957 CHTD
156 17412 M RAMA RAJAN 1 3 1957 CHTD
168 17440 T NICHOLAS 6 12 1957 CHTD
176 17465 S ANNADURAI 14 2 1957 CHTD
181 17482 V LAXMI 13 6 1958 CHTD
192 17530 R RAJENDRAN 1 6 1958 CHTD
196 17541 SUNDARAMURTHY P 15 2 1958 CHTD
206 17575 R UMA 11 12 1957 CHTD
209 17584 JAYARAMAN R 13 5 1957 CHTD
221 17606 SIVADOSS P 14 7 1957 CHTD
238 17634 VENKATARAMANI P 17 9 1957 CHTD
269 18865 THANGAPPAN. A 13 5 1956 CHTD
271 18874 KESAVAN.G 3 6 1959 CHTD
318 30011 SUNDARARAJAN S. 20 9 1955 CHTD
372 32694 M GEETHA 25 5 1957 CHTD
381 32958 THIRUMURTHY KUMAR.M 20 5 1959 CHTD
431 37907 V. RAMESH 4 6 1962 CHTD
453 37985 C. K. BASKARAN 22 5 1960


 04-08-2015 : Transfer and posting of AGM/DE issued by BSNL CO....

 The following officers working in various circles as AGM/DE are transferred and posted to ChTD.

 1. Shri.S.Kannan from AP 2.Shri.A.Saivaraj from CTD  3.Shri.M.N.Annal  from NCNGN & 4.G.Krishnan from  NCNGN, ChTD. 

 04-08-2015: Turn in MP Circle Conference, [ Back to home ] Congrats' 

 On this occasion issue of merger of the Circle Office Bearers along with members of AIBSNLOA MP Circle with AIBSNLEA was discussed and approved. At 6 PM Com. Sh. P.K. JHA, OS(West) AIBSNLOA CHQ, Com. Sh. R.K. Narang Circle Secy. AIBSNLOA arrived along with all  his members available in Bhopal and joined AIBSNLEA MP Circle.

Also, Sh. Santosh Khare, ACS SNEA(I) MP Circle along with other Office Bearers / Members of SNEA(I) MP Circle joined AIBSNLEA MP Circle. CEC Meet welcomed all the new incumbents in AIBSNLEA MP Circle.

Com. GS & OS(West), CHQ welcomed all the new members in AIBSNLEA.

All the newly joined members assured to strengthen AIBSNLEA by bringing more & more members. Circle Conference is continuing.

 03-08-2015  Smt.N Poonguzhali becomes first woman CGM in BSNL, TN-PTI

State-run Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today announced the appointment of Smt. N Poonguzhali as the first Woman Chief General Manager, Circle. Poonguzhali, an officer of the 1979 batch of Indian Telecommunication Service, is also an alumni of  MadrasShe has more than 34 years experience in department of Telecommunication and in BSNL in various responsibilities, an official release said. She underwent training in switching technology in Korea and Malaysia, it added.

31.07.2015:  Update on the matter of absorption of ITS officers in Hon'ble HC  of Delhi

The Contempt Case (C) No. 227/2013 between AIBSNLEA, SNEA(I) & others v/s R. Chandrashekhar was listed for hearing today as Item No. 1 in Court No. 8 at the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi. Mr. Rajshekhar Rao appeared on behalf of the Petitioners i.e. AIBSNLEA, SNEA(I) & others. The case was heard at length twice today. First half as well as in Second half. However, the matter stands adjourned to 18.11.2015 for further proceedings.

31.07.2015    Transfer & Posting of AGM/DE- Retention

BSNL Corporate office has issued Retention order in the cadre of AGM/DE on 30.07.2015.As per this order Organising Secretary South Smt.A.Kalaiselvi got retention upto 31st March 2016.She has assumed charge as AGM ChTD.On behalf of AIBSNLEA -Chennai Telephones District we extend our sincere thanks to GS,CHQ.

29-07-2015      JTO to SDE Court Case was posted to 05-08-2015 for further hearing..

                          JTO to SDE Case at Hon. High Court of Kerala has been taken for hearing on 29-07-2015 and after hearing the case for one hour the case is posted to 05-08-2015 for further hearing. 

29-07-2015          CS visited KKN and WBA for reviewing Grievances of our members ...

                           On 28-07-2015 CS visited KKN & WBA for learning the grievance issues of members, and assured to find solution for the issue raised by members.   ACS Com V. Gabriel, Com Suresh FS-KKN, Com Sekaran ABS-KOD  and Com. Bhaskar JAO accompanied CS in the visit.

 29-07-2015 :Local orders for Look after in different Executive cadres....

Looking after orders for Executives of various cadres are released in CHTD. In a remarkable decision, Addl GM was given Looking after as GM for first time in CHTD. 


  1.Addl GMs working in CHTD has been  given Look after as GMs for the first time .Click here to view order ....

  2.Transfer & Postings in GM Cadre.Click here to see....

  3.Looking after orders as DGMs  issued for 10 DEs.Click here to view...

  4.Looking after orders as SDEs for JTOs.. Click here to view...

 28-07-2015       JTO  to SDE  COURT CASE....

 Update on the matter of JTO to SDE promotion in Hon'ble High Court  of Kerala: AIBSNLEA advocate has intimated that the OP(CAT) 45/2015 on JTO to SDE promotion case in Hon'ble Kerala High Court will be heard on 29.07.2015 by Division Bench .

27-07-2015          Tribute to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam..

       A great Visionary and Scientist, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passes away on 27-07-2015. A big loss for Scientific India. AIBSNLEA pays Tribute to APJ for his contributions to country.
           “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”                                                                                                                               - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 

27-07-2015           Farewell to our Vice President Com.P. Velu DGM (O&M) AMB.. 

        Farewell function of our VP Com. P. Velu DGM O&M AMB was held on 21-07-2015 at Hotel Balajee Bhavan, conducted by AMB, PML& AVD Branches. The function was well organised by Br.Sec Com.P.Ramalingam, Com.Bharanidharan BS BSS with   Com N. BalaSubraniam Ex.OS North.  Com B. Ganesan CWC Member chaired the meeting and highlighted the dynamic qualities of VP.

        Com V.Chandrasekharan Circle President CHTD, Com.L.Sundararaman (Ex.President) Rtd DGM, Com. M. Devarajan (Ex President-ARD), Com. P. Gangadharan (Ex President-ARD), Com G.Natarajan Ex ACS-TESA along with all the Circle Office Bearers were present in the function.

        CS Tamilnadu participated and felicitated with shawl to our VP. Branch members and office bearers enthusiastically conducted this function in superior manner. CS CHTD addressed the contribution made by VP to DoT/ BSNL and our Association. 




     25-07-2015    Immediate thanks mail-Message from Member

 My Dear Comrades,

We are very happy and is in full of Joy as I am one of the 2010-Batch Dept-JAO who had been neglected the pay revision benefit just because of passing JAO exam. Now it is proven that our union comrades (AIBSNLEA) will never compromises on such issues. We are extending our heartiest thanks to all our leaders of aibsnlea, members and BSNL Management who extended their support in relies of orders for allowing of option for Dept 2010-batch JAO's.

Thanks once again regards
S. Kamaraj, JAO (TR) NE
BSNL Chennai Telephones, Chennai-1

 25.07.2015 :CHQ News

   Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order  regarding pay fixation of JAOs(Deptl)(40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives' Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011  <<<Click here for order>>>

We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(HR), ED(F), MF(FP), GM(EF) and all the concerned officers who helped in settling the issue.


 DoT  vide letter number A-11013/7/2013-Abs. Cell has issued orders for repatriation of 100 ITS officers deployed in BSNL back to DoT. These officers are directed to report to Principal CCA/ CCA <<<Click here for letter>>>

  From Chennai Telephones the following officers are repatriated back to DOT 

1.R.Ganesan Sr.GM 2.S.Venkatesan Addl GM 3.V.S.Ilanthirai Addl GM 4.D.Thilagavathy Addl GM 

 23-07-2015            Circle Secretary visit to South BA in urgent situation..

Circle Secretary went and met DGM (F&A)  South Business Area,CAO(IFA),DGM(C&A) & AGM(SW) and enquired about restless situation created by Service Union in the last three months in SBA .Detailed report was collected from the above officers.CS has assured to take up this issue with the Head of Circle shortly.



 JTO-SDE promotion case in Hon'ble Kerala High Court was heard today but due to lack of time postponed for further hearing on 27/7/2015(Monday)


20-07-2015            JTO to SDE promotion in Hon'ble High Court  of Kerala: Case postponed to 23-07-2015

The OP (CAT) No. 45/2015 in the matter of JTO to SDE promotion in the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala came for hearing today in the court number 6-B Divisional Bench.  The court adjourned the hearing to next Thursday i.e. 23.07.2015.

 17.07.15:    Informal meeting with   PGM (F) Incharge ……..

 The following points were discussed with PGM (F) Incharge (DGM-FC) Today at 10:40 Hrs

1. Vacant place of CAO  Posts in various Business Areas , IT Cell & TR areas.

2. Vacant place of AO posts particularly in Central Settlement Cell(CSC).

3. Request transfer cases especially our ACS (Accounts) on  medical grounds.

4. Retention case of AOs namely Sri. Thirumaran &  Sri.Mannu.

5.Long pending  Pay anomaly case of Sri.J.Badrinarayanan DE. He has assured to settle the case before   23.07.15.


 16-07-2015                      CHQ NEWS....

Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order regarding  educational qualification for promotion to the grade of EE (Civil/Electrical) - Degree in Engineering and its equivalence in note 2 under Schedule IB of BSNL MSRR-2009 <<<Click here for letter>>>AIBSNLEA was continuously trying to ensure the Diploma qualification to JTOs/SDEs (Civil/Electrical/Arch. engineering wing) are allowed to get promotion to the grade of EE(Civil/Electrical/Arch.), finally achieved the goal.

We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(HR), PGM(BW), PGM(EW), PGM(Arch.), Sr. GM(Legal), GM(Pers.), DGM(Pers.) and all the concerned officers who helped in settling the issue. AIBSNLEA will ensure to get expedite CPCs to fill up vacant EE(Civil/Electrical/Arch.) (Arround-240=>EE(C)=140 and EE(E)=100)  posts immediately.

This is the outcome of our latest meeting with CMD BSNL, Director(HR) held on 13th July, 2015 & in today's meeting Director(HR) directed GM(Pers.) to issue order immediately.


16-07-2015  Retirement Felicitation function of Com. V.K Paramasivam Advisor CHQ

       Retirement Felicitation function of Com. V.K Paramasivam Advisor CHQ was held on 16-07-2015 5.00pm at Tallakulam, Madurai. The function was presided over by Com A.R.E. Roy Dist President. CS Tamilnadu circle Com. S.Sivakumar took part in the function.

                             CS AIBSNELA CHTD attended the function and felicitated Com. V.K. Paramasivam. 


 13-07-2015  CHQ NEWS  Regarding Positive Development in E2-E3 scale for JTO & SDE

 Status of E2 & E3 Pay scales to JTO & SDE equivalent executives, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and First time bound promotion after four years:  AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA consistent efforts yielded result in convincing the Committee Members for recommending E2 & E3 Pay scales to SDE & JTO equivalent executives. AIBSNLEA is making sincere efforts since 2009 for implementation of the standard IDA pay scales E2 & E3 to JTO &  SDE equivalent executives respectively w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as per 2nd PRC recommendations but  the BSNL Management continued its efforts to get approved the similar pay scale to the inter-mediatory pay scales of E1A & E2A whereas the BSNL's proposal on inter-mediatory pay scales have been rejected by DoT/DPE three times . During the period when BSNL's proposal of inter-mediatory pay scales was pending in DoT for  consideration, AIBSNLEA proposed  five advance increments benefits to JTO/JAO level executives in E1 pay scales to compensate their pay deficit immediately. It was considered by Sh. K.C.G.K Pillai Committee & BSNL Board. Hence, now financial implication in granting E2 & E3  standard IDA pay scales  to JTO &  SDE equivalent executives has comes about 46 crores only. Hence, Committee agreed to recommend E2 & E3 pay scales for implementation.

In the next committee meeting, the discussion on CPSU cadre Hierarchy & First time bound promotion after four years in all the cases will take place. The Committee is expected to submit its report by the end of August, 2015 and after the approval of the Competent Authority, it will be sent to BSNL Management Committee and BSNL Board for approval.

After the approval of BSNL Board, the matter will send to DoT for approval. In this manner if every thing goes smoothly then minimum six to seven months time is required for its implementation.


10-07-2015        Corporate Office issued order for postponement MT exam

                  BSNL Corporate Office issued order for postponement of Management Trainee Exam


<<Click Here for Order>> 

10-07-2015         Meeting on HR issues of JTOs/JAOs 

                      Committee meeting to discuss E-2, E-3 IDA pay scales has finally decided to extend E2 and E3 IDA pay scales in place of E1A and E2A. For AIBSNLEA, GS CHQ attended the meeting and strongly demanded arrear payment for the post 2007 batches but official side put forward the opinion that same should be paid  later on profitability of the company. The committee will submit its recommendations with the views of all members. Final decision on arrear payments will be taken by the BSNL Board. Next meeting of the committee is scheduled on 27th July 2015 in which discussions on CPSE cadre hierarchy will take place.

 10-07-15       Court Case at EKM High Court..

 JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon’ Ernakulam H C: Preliminary hearing taken place, Hon’ High Court posted the case to 20.07.15 for final hearing and disposal.


08-07-2015    Organizational Action programs deferred..

        Three days nationwide hunger fast called by the united forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was observed successfully all over India on first day (07-07-2015). BSNL management informed CHQ that they have deferred the internal and external MT exam for six months.

               In response to the positive gesture shown by the BSNL management particularly CMD BSNL, forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA has decided to defer the ongoing agitation program for six months.We extend our sincere thanks to all the members for their active participation in the agitation. -CS AIBSNLEA CHTD

05-07-2015         Agitation programmes..

            Joint Committee Meeting was held on 04-07-2015 at Kushkumar Road to discuss about the agitation programmes at Chennai Telephones against Management Trainee Recruitment and HR issues. Circle Secretary and Circle Office bearers attended the meeting.  As per directions of CHQ “Relay Hunger Fast” will be conducted jointly by Tamil Nadu Circle and  Chennai Telephones from 07-07-15 to 09-07-2015 in the following venues.

07-07-2015- Office of CGM CHTD, Purasaiwakkam Chennai-10

08-07-2015 & 09-07-2015 - Office of CGM TN Circle, Greams road, Chennai-06

  All the CO bearers are requested to organize the hunger fast programme effectively and make it a grand success.


    Superannuation functions..


          Meeting was held on 30-06-2015 at chamber of Com V.T. Gunasekharan DGM NW, who was retiring on superannuation. Com. M. Bhavani BS Kellys organized the meeting. CS and other Circle Office bearers were present in the meeting. CO bearers honored him with Shawl and CS presented Momento to Com. V.T Gunasekharan and remembered his valuable contributions to BSNL and our association.  


                TAM and CHR Branch General Body meeting was held on 29-06-2015 at 13:00 at CHR exchange in connection with the superannuation of Branch president Com. S. Sankar AGM Extl CHR and Sr.Com Rama Subramanian DGM O&M CHR.  Branch members attended the meeting and remembered the contributions of retiring comrades.

Com J. Nambinachiyar BS well organized the meeting with lunch also. CS attended and honored the retiring comrades with Shawl. 

Tentative Seniority List of SDE(T)s published by BSNL Corporate Office on 06-06-2015      

List of SDE(T)s in service in BSNL are published for ready ref:            
Revised Sen.List of SDE(T)s published by BSNL CO..< List No.6 >> and  << List No. 7 >> 

02-07-2015                   United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association....

Joint Circle Office Bearers Meeting of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association [AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA]  Chennai Telephones and Tamil Nadu Circle meeting is to be held on 04/07/15 @ 16:00hrs at Haddows Road Complex.All are requested to attend this important meeting. 


30-06-2015   Agitation Call from CHQ -appeal from CGM Chennai Telephones

 United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association (AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA) serves a notice for resuming the deferred organisational actions to protest the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainee and non-settlement of long pending HR issues in BSNL.  

<< Click here for the Notice >>

 <<Kindly Click and read the Appeal from new CGM Chennai Telephones to withdraw the proposed Organisational Actions>> 

26.06.2015 :(CHQ NEWS) Status of the Court case in JTO to SDE promotion in Hon'ble High Court Kerala at Ernakulam:

The  information  published by SNEA(I) in their CHQ website  on 25th and 26th June, 2015 regarding  JTO to SDE promotion case  pending in the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala,  is wrong  and misleading. SNEA(I) claims that they have filed an MA along with BSNL for urgent hearing. This is not true. In this matter the SNEA(I) is not a party at all in the Hon'ble CAT as well in the appeal pending with Hon'ble HC.  Only AIBSNLEA  impleaded as  rep. No.16  in the OA filed by some of the JTOs in CAT Ernakulam.  No other association was a party in it. As they are not a party in it,   how can  they say that they ( SNEA(I) ) filed an  MA for early posting in HC?

AIBSNLEA got impleaded in this case in CAT,  only to protect the genuine and  legitimate interests of its members. We do not know why the other association  did not became a  party in it with  their own identity. But they pretend otherwise and publish false statements to misguide general members.

It is stated by the SNEA(I) that the "Hon'ble court directed to complete the service to AIBSNLEA and then list the case". This itself implies that, notice has not so far been served to AIBSNLEA in this matter. There is no case of not accepting the notice by respondent No.16 (AIBSNLEA). On the other hand,  there is a case of not serving the notice by the authority concerned  which is actually a matter beyond the control of the respondent. However, AIBSNLEA filed a fresh Vakalthnama and entrusted the matter with a competent advocate in the High Court for taking notice and proceeding further in this matter, without waiting for a formal notice service. Our general members may please realize that the other association is simply trying  to fish out of troubled water.

This unjust write-up of SNEA(I) mislead the JTOs and is nothing but outcome of their frustration in the ongoing situations and to divert the attention of executives.

AIBSNLEA in true sense is safeguarding the interest of entire BSNL executives community that is why immediately AIBSNLEA got impleaded in Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam in this case whereas SNEA(I) did not bothered to impleade in the case.  AIBSNLEA will ensure early hearing of the case to break the stalemate in JTO to SDE promotion.


25-06-2015       To Meet  CGM Southern Telecom Project

Com.P.Velu,Vice President, Com.B.Ganesan, CWC member and  Circle Secretary met CGM STP on 22.06.15 and honoured him with shawl and momento in recognition of his contribution to Chennai Telephones during his tenure as  Sr.GM North and conveyed wishes for his new assignment. Our association is very proud for his promotion as CGM.

22-06-2015 OPINION LEADERS MEET:     Agenda: Improvement of BSNL ChTD

Opinion leaders meeting was held on 19.06.15 at HOI  ,Anna road at  15 hrs chaired by CGM ChTD .All the area GMs and GM (HR& Admn)  also attended. Circle Secretary and Com. Palani, Asst.Finance Secretary  participated in the meeting on behalf of our association. Circle Secretary wants to highlight here to our Members some following few important issues for improvement  of Chennai Telephones. 

1 All the officers& officials should maintain punctuality in attendance. All Circle Secretaries should take responsibility for ensuring the timings. 

2. All the recreation clubs must be closed for at least 3 months and save Electricity  and concentrate on  the area customer complaints. 

3. We have to increase the Landline customer base from 6.8L to 7.8Lakhs. 

4.In the present scenario existing Gang should be abolished. Due to huge retirement of Phone Mechanic cadre and for avoiding accumulated customer complaints and immediate restoration of pillar faults and also to restrict migration of BSNL customers to other service providers. 

5. AO TR and AO (C&A) should be in the same premises for avoiding unnecessary delay in processing all the related bills like Water, Housekeeping, Hired vehicle etc since there is acute shortage of GR Ds cadre  in all areas. 

6. We are providing 2/4 MB speed for ULD 999 / ULD 1999 plan where as “ ACT” is providing 20/40MB  speed limit for the same plan. So CGM Chennai Telephones to take up this issue with BSNL CO for controlling the Broadband surrender.


20-06-15                          CHQ NEWS BSNL Board Meeting Over:

GS discussed with Company Secretary & Sr. GM (Legal), BSNL Corporate Office regarding BSNL Board Meeting today. Company Secretary & Sr. GM (Legal) appraised that  only one of the HR  issues agenda came for discussion in BSNL Board Meeting today. Only the discussion took place in meeting are on technical & procurement items.  The next BSNL Board meeting will be held in the 2nd or 3rd Week of July, 2015.



Congratulations !!! CMD BSNL has recognized the genuineness of the issues raised by the United Forum of BSNL Executives’ association. Today in a meeting with AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, CMD assured that he will take up and ensure withdrawal of MT recruitment in the next Board Meeting scheduled to be held on 18th June 2015 and resolution of long pending HR issues. CMD-BSNL further requested us to defer the ongoing agitation at least till 18th June 2015. Honoring the words and commitment of CMD-BSNL, United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations (AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA) has decided to defer the ongoing agitation program till 18th June 2015. Click here for letter

The forum will make a review of intensifying the agitation program on 22.06.15 after meeting with CMD-BSNL, based upon the outcome of the board meeting.

We extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to all the Executives of BSNL irrespective of their affiliations for their active participation and overwhelming support in making first day of Dharna Program on 09.06.15 successful through out the country. 

 TN & CHTD: We extend our sincere thanks to the comrades who have participated in the Dharna held at CGM TN circle Office and made it a grand success.Com.Chellappa AGS, BSNLEU-CHQ  attended and addressed the gathering.The meeting was well organized by TN Circle Office Comrades. 


 09-06-2015        Meeting with Director (HR) on 08-06-15, further talks failed... 

Director (HR) called the representatives of Forum (AIGETOA& AIBSNLEA) for a meeting again on 8/6/15. GS AIBSNLEA, FS AIBSNLEA, GS AIGETOA, AIP AIGETOA and AGS AIGETOA attended the meeting held in the chamber of Dir (HR). Director (HR) explained that some of the HR issues are already in pipeline and for MT issue it is needed to take BSNL board into confidence before taking any decision. In view of this Director (HR) requested to withdraw the agitation programme. Forum requested Director (HR) for giving concrete time bound, written assurance for the resolution of long pending HR issues and immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment and in the absence of MT withdrawal, it is not possible for us to withdraw our agitation if the recruitment process of MT remains on and HR issues are not resolved. Although Director (HR) has shown some positive sign but in the absence of any concrete decision, the talk is further failed.

This is the matter of our career and dignity, hence Forum has no option other than to continue with the proposed agitation. Forum will not withdraw this agitation till unconditional withdrawal of MT and concrete resolution of other HR issues.  


As per CHQ direction ,CS   discussed with CS TN circle about the Dharna  programme and decided to conduct two days dharna on 09.06.15 and 10.06.15 in front of CGM TN Circle office ,Greams Road,Chennai-06.All are requested to participate in Dharna and make it a grand success.



Director (HR) called a meeting of representatives of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA in the presence of Sr.GM(SR), GM(Pers), GM(Estt), GM(FP), DGM(Pers & SR) and discussed the demands with respect to the agitation notice dated  11.05.15. We strongly pleaded for withdrawal of MT recruitment which will block the career progression of young talented Executives of BSNL at a juncture when discussions on the introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy are going on.We also discussed the other long pending HR issues in details but in the absence of firm commitment/assurance, the talks failed.


03-06-2015  Our 2nd Central Working Committee Meeting at Kolkatta...

AIBSNLEA re-schedules the notified dates of its 2nd Central Working Committee Meeting after 4th All India Conference held at Nashik  in November 2013 to be held at SWAMI VIVEKANANDA AUDITORIUM OF MOULALI RAJYA YUBA KENDRA at Moulali Crossing, 142/3, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata - 700014 on 25th and 26th August 2015.

04-06-15     News from CS Tamil Nadu Circle...

1.6.2015: Dear Comrades! Today,We, CS, Com.P.Udayasuriyan,CS-CHTD, CP, Com.Venkatesan, FS, Com.Ravi,ACS, Com.Leninram, ACS, Com.Renganathan, BS,C.O & Com.Sundararajan met Smt.N.Poonguzhali, PGM (o)/TN Circle Who is Looking after the charge of CGM, TN Circle  and presented a Bouquet and a Shawl and conveyed our best wishes for her new assignment.

GM(HR&Admn)TN was also present in the meeting. During the discussion CGM expressed her dissatisfaction about the Landline surrenders and requested us to co-operate with the Administration to achieve the revenue target. We suggested that intensive marketing strategies are to be implemented to retain the existing Land line Customers. CS on behalf of AIBSNLEA assured whole hearted support to achieve the targets set by the BSNL Management.  

  29-05-15   Appreciation  to our Branch Office Bearers....... 

 The Following Branches have paid the Subscription (July 2014 to June 2015) and Conference fees as shown below:

(A) Circle Office, 2.  Haddows Road, 3. CPT, 4. Broadband,5. Ambattur, Avadi & Ponnamalee, 6. Chrompet and Tambaram, 7 St.Thomas Mt.   }  - 100%

(B) (1) Kush Kumar Rd, 2. Kodambakkam, 3. K.K Nagar, 4. Flower Bazar & NBA -  90%

 CS appreciates very much the above Branch office bearers and our beloved members.All the other branches have also paid and requested to complete the payment in full latest by 06.06.2015.


27-05-2015             5th CC Photos...


26-05-2015     Our 23rd May'2015  Delegates session& Seminar Programme..

 The Second day of our 5th Circe conference started with the Delegate Session which was inaugurated by Com.G.Vasudevan,Retd DGM(IFA). After the introduction of members, the Circle Secretary presented his report. After presenting the report, in an interactive session, our CS highlighted the importance of Open House and appreciated the huge participation of our members yesterday at Hotel Asoka. However some Business Area Comrades have not turned up in good strength that is a matter of concern, but it was due to CM TN visit to Governor’s place and heavy traffic jam at main locations in Chennai.   Our CS emphasized that the Open session is similar to a marriage function in our Family and reiterated the need for members’ commitment and active participation in it. CS also mentioned that the Open session alone will send a clear message to the Management about the strength of the organization.

After the CS Report, the house adjourned for Tea and after Tea Break a seminar was organized in which our Friend, Philosopher and guide, Sri.G.Selvam  Retired General Manager (HR & ADMN)-Chennai Telephones  addressed the gathering on the topic “Financial Social Impact of PSU(BSNL)”. It was a lively lecture for about one hour and all those present appreciated the valuable inputs received from a senior Officer.

After the seminar, the Felicitation to our Retired Comrades namely

1.    Sri.M.Balasubramanian, OS(North)  2.    Sri. T.R.S.Sriram, ACS   3.    SrI.S.Karuppiah,FS-GSM

4.    Sri.C.G.Chakrapani,President,KKN  5.    Sri.K.Manoharan,VP-KDM

was arranged in a grand manner. All these comrades are experts in their own Area of operation and also dedicated members of our Association. The Felicitation was one of recollection of old Memories for all these veterans and they were also complimented by one and all who spoke on this occasion. After the felicitation, the House was adjourned was Lunch.

After Lunch, the House transacted other important Business including, Passing of CS-Report, Financial Report, etc., before the dissolution of the present Circle Body.

Com.T.R.S.Sriram was unanimously nominated as the Election Officer to conduct and complete the Election Process.  As an Association whose dedicated members are extremely disciplined and committed to the organization, the Election process was smooth and the following office Bearers were elected for the next term. 




CIRCLE PRESIDENT                           FIN.SECRETARY                             CIRCLE SECRETARY 

V.CHANDRASEKARAN                       S. SHRITHARAN                                     P.UDAYASURIYAN

AIBSNLEA/ ChTD / 2015-16 /CGM/01                                             Date: 27-05-2015

 SUB: Intimation of Elected Circle Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA,Chennai Telephones – Reg

   This is to inform that the Fifth Circle Conference Open session was held on 22nd May 2015 at Hotel Ashoka and Preconference-CEC & Delegates and seminar session  was held on 22nd &23rd May 2015 at Jeevana Jyoti Hall, Egmore, Chennai- 8. The following Circle Office Bearers elected in our 5th Circle Conference. 

SL No.









P. VELU                        















































































 The above office bearers were unanimously elected in the Fifth Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA, Chennai Telephones. Kindly extend the trade union facilities to the new elected circle body.


                                                                                                            Yours Sincerely

                                                                                                           P. UDAYASURIYAN, CIRCLE SECRETARY

To: Ms.S.M.Kalavathy,ITS, Chief General Manager, Chennai Telephones, Chennai -10.

 Copy to :-Com. PRAHLAD RAI, GS, CHQ, AIBSNLEA, New Delhi-1.

25-05-2015   At a glance in our first day CC [Open Session]on 22/05/15 .....

10:00 Hrs

  The fifth Circle conference of AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones commenced at 09:45 Hrs. on 22nd May 2015 as scheduled. To start with the Flag hoisting ceremony was conducted wherein our Senior Comrade and Ex.CWC (M) TESA(I), Ex-President of AIBSNLOA Com.L.SUNDARARAMAN hoisted our flag amidst slogan shouting by comrades “AIBSNLEA Zindabad” “Executives Unity Zindabad”.  In his initial remarks, Com.L.Sundararaman emphasized the need for unity amongst us and advised the Executives to be more vigilant as far as the services to our customers are concerned. He also said the prospectus of BSNL is bright since even as on date we are the most preferred company amongst the general public.

  After the flag hoisting ceremony, the Pre Conference CEC session started.Com.K.Vaidayanathan took charge of the proceedings and as per agenda the conference was declared open by Com.TRS.Sriram our ACS. Our president in his opening remarks welcomed one and all for the Pre conference CEC and requested the members to actively involve themselves with the proceedings. The Circle Secretary Com.P.Udaya Suriyan presented his report for the period from 10-12-2014 to till date and it was a comprehensive one covering all the activities of our Association.

  After Tea break, the session was dedicated for interactive discussion with Com.Prahlad Rai our beloved GS. At the outset our GS congratulated Com.P.Udayasuriyan and his Team of erstwhile AIBSNLOA for taking a pragmatic decision to amalgamate AIBSNLOA with AIBSNLEA that has virtually paved the way for more such amalgamations and mergers across BSNL. Our GS presented   a complete overview of all the issues pertaining to our company as well as the issues affecting our cadre interest. The GS also answered queries from the members on various matters including the viability of BSNL, Transfer and postings/Retention of Executives in Chennai. On issues relating to certain specific retention cases, Com.G.S immediately spoke to the personnel section at BSNL CO and updated the status to the concerned Executives.GS also appealed to one and all to strengthen the hands of Com.P.Udayasuriyan thereby strengthening the AIBSNLEA ORGANISATION. The need to make the ensuring agitation programs jointly organized with AIGETOA was also emphasized by our GS and he requested one and all to actively participate in the Trade Union Activities.

After the interactive session with our GS, the house adjourned for Lunch and after lunch there was a rescheduling of the programs and the address by Com.V.K.Paramasivam the Advisor in our CHQ was advanced to 22nd May 2015 from the original slot on 23rd May 2015 due to unavoidable circumstances. The speech and presentation by Com.V.K.Paramasivam was useful to one and all and it was highly appreciated by our CEC members.

17:00 Hrs:

  Our open session commenced in the Lawn of Hotel Asoka with the Stage Management Committee & Reception committee members putting up a picturesque setting in the entire Area. It all started with an invocation song rendered by Com.R.Padmini,AGM & Com.L.S.Lalitha,SDE. After this the traditional lighting of Kuthu Vilakku by our Chief Guests took place to mark the beginning of a great event.

  To start with our CWC Member & Chairman of Reception Committee Com.B.Ganesan,DGM  welcomed the dignitaries and the Audience with his usual Tamil flavor. The presidential address by Com.K.Vaidayanathan was followed by a detailed but all-inclusive key note address (See Annexure) by our Circle Secretary P.Udayasuriyan who dwelt at length about the competition and the need for BSNL Management to be more proactive if we are to sustain growth. 

  While welcoming and assuring the   un conditional support of AIBSNLEA-Ch.TD for the initiatives by the new CGM Ms.S.M.Kalavathy that are aimed towards growth of BSNL, Our CS also requested the new CGM Chennai Telephones to bestow her personal attention to retain the Executives  who are on continued extension in Chennai Telephones on a permanent basis in the overall interest of ChTD.

  Our CHQ President Com.P.Venugopal in his special address recalled the efforts initiated by AIBSNLEA for continued viability of BSNL by way of our considered inputs to the management on various occasions. He also explained the need for effective participation of members towards achieving the organizational goals. Our CHQ president congratulated the entire AIBSNLEA-Ch.TD under the leadership of Com.P.Udayasuriyan for the excellent arrangements.

  Com. Prahlad Rai our beloved GS inspired the audience by his meticulous report on the entire issues affecting our BSNL as well as our cadre. Com.GS also appreciated the efforts of our C.S Com.P.Udayasuriyan in highlighting certain important issues to be taken up at CHQ level and assured that proper follow up will be done in right earnest. Our GS also appealed to CGM-Ch.TD to convince the BSNL CO on the need to retain Executives in Chennai Telephones since the shortage of DEs in Ch.TD also is now more than 50%.  Our GS also assured that all those Executives who have been transferred out and served the minimum period of two years will be brought back to Chennai Telephones as assured by the Sr.GM. (Pers) BSNL CO and our CHQ will definitely pursue the matter vigorously.

  The Sr.GM(North) Sri.R.Ramesh,ITS  in his address appreciated the concern of our CS in tackling competition but at the same time mentioned that  only by active involvement of one and all we can overcome the hurdle from our competitor.

  Our CGM Ms.S.M.Kalavathy, ITS in her remarks detailed the present situation prevailing in BSNL with specific reference to Chennai Telephones and informed that only a dedicated involvement by Executives and the Non Executives can restore confidence in the minds of our customers about BSNL’ reliability with respect to service. She also requested the Union Leaders and Association Leaders present to bring in to her attention any useful input that will render growth of BSNL. She has made a fervent appeal to those present for dedicated functioning and conveyed the need to work as a Team. Our CGM in her first meeting after assuming charge as Head of Circle has virtually enthralled the audience by her spectacular analysis of our functioning.  

 The session was also addressed by leaders from Former CS Com.N.Veerapandian & Com.S.Sivakumar,AIBSNLEA-TN.Circle, office bearers of AIGETOA [Com.K.Senthilkumar,Jt.Secy, Com.S.Umachandran] and other representative unions including CS-BSNLEU, CS-NFTE, and CS-FNTO. All the leaders appreciated the smooth functioning of our  Association and congratulated our 5th Circle Conference a grand success. The vote of thanks was delivered by Com.P.Velu DGM, Our V.P and chairman of Food Committee.

 The session concluded with rendering of National Anthem and the entire event was exquisitely compered by Com.S.Elango,SDE(Dev).



                      AIBSNLEA/ ChTD/ 2015-16 / Key Note Address                                       Date: 22-05-2015                                                                      

              Respected President of this evening Function, Respected Chief Guest, Senior officers, our beloved G.S, Media Fraternity and my dear Comrades, It is a privilege to stand before this august gathering on this momentous occasion of our Fifth Circle Conference and I once again extend my hearty welcome to one and all present.  It is an opportunity to share some valuable inputs concerning the development of BSNL in general and Chennai Telephones in particular during the course of this open session.

              We are proud to have our new & Dynamic Head of circle Ms.S.M.Kalavathi amidst us today and we are of the firm opinion that the Chennai Telephones District will flourish in the days to come.

           The last two years witnessed a series of positive development for the Executive fraternity across BSNL by way of release of promotion orders both Adhoc & Regular. Because of the sustained efforts of all the Associations we were able to clear the impasse and got our Regular promotions and the DPC is now up to date both in Engineering and Finance wing. Though this was a welcome step, the Executives of Chennai Telephones could not reap the real benefit since majority of our colleagues were ordered for posting elsewhere across BSNL Circle despite sufficient and surplus vacancy in this commercially important Metro.

           However with gratitude we have to recall the efforts of our present CGM who was holding HR & ADMN portfolio then by way of consistent persuasion with the BSNL CO that resulted in retention of some genuine cases. But still some more individual cases are pending and through this Open session I appeal to our CGM to use her good offices for permanent retention of these few deserving officers whose fate is still hanging in balance. We also request our CGM to initiate the necessary steps to bring back the talented Executives transferred out from Chennai Telephones to other circles once they complete the two years period and this was also assured by the then Sr.G.M.Personnel to all the Association CHQ leaders at the time of DPC in July 2013 & August 2014.

         On the Developmental activities, we are not able to proceed much in the recent years due to resource constraints but with the recent appointment of a full-fledged CMD, it is hoped that a complete review of the system will take place and constraints removed. The fresh initiative by our CMD to offer free calls from Land Line to any mobile  between 21.00 Hrs. to 07.00 Hrs. is really one such bold move and the feedback from Exchanges indicates there is a phenomenal increase in the call volumes between 22-00 and 23.00 hrs., for the past two weeks as compared to the same period earlier. Though this may not result in terms of revenue realization, we will certainly be able to increase our customer base that will ultimately result in increased revenue. At this point I would like to request our Top Management to make available necessary stores like drop wires and cables on time to cash in the prospective demand otherwise  we will be failing miserably in the hands of our competitors..

                       Comrades, the above word of caution is born out of a conscious reading of media reports during the recent past and also over the years. To cite a few, one of our competitor also has now come up with a matching offer of free calls at night and this may lead to erosion of our customer base if we do not act on time. Secondly, the Revenue of one of our Competitor has reached about 85,000 Crore last fiscal and their profit has stood at about 8000 crore which is to be taken note of with due importance. It is an irony if we recall the observation of our first CMD in October 2000 after formation of BSNL where in for a question from a reporter about facing the competition from private players, he has observed that it will take a minimum 10 years for the new entrants to reach our level. But the hard fact is that they have overtaken us much earlier and are marching ahead now. Though many reasons can be attributed to our failure, we feel the indecisiveness on the part of top management for years together till recently is definitely the root cause.

         With regard to implementation of ERP in Chennai Telephones, we are of the firm opinion that this has really increased the work load of the Executives be it in Engineering or in Finance. If the Administration has listened to the appeal from Associations to defer the date of implementation so as to enable complete data purification before Go Live, things would not have become to such a mess now. I hope all will appreciate that this situation is quite contrast to our achievement during CDR GO LIVE when our Executives worked as a Team and the Administration extended due support then.

         As far as another important Field issue of shortage of staff at all levels is concerned, our constant plea to the management for a complete work study that will pave way for suitable redeployment has not yielded results so far and with our new CGM taking charge, we are of the hope that things will move in the right direction. Similarly when clubbing of SSAs in to Business Area is order of the day, it is nothing but proper to concede our long pending demand of rearranging the Areas and make them as three (North, South and Central) instead of the present four that  will definitely result in better monitoring and reduce the stress on our top Managers.

                    On the issue of Transfer of Executives to CPT SSA, we take this opportunity to appeal our new CGM to firmly take up the matter with BSNL CO and declare CPT SSA as “Soft Tenure” that will offer All India Transfer immunity to those Executives served in these places. This situation is not without any precedence and it is prevailing in our neighboring circles like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka where the officers opt for “Soft Tenure” postings within the Circle to avoid All India transfers. Simultaneously we appeal to our GS also to take up this issue with our DIR-HR so that uniform policies are adopted across BSNL for “Soft Tenure Stations” within the Circle.

                    Another Sensitive issue is the plight of our departmental TTAs who have been performing the job of a JTO on a look on basis for several years in the Field but are denied the due compensation. This is a crucial HR issue to be taken up with the BSNL CO on top priority by our GS.

 I also would like to repeat our earlier request to the management for having a re look at the functioning of RTTC and DTTC. It will be wise to have a single training Centre at CTTC, while converting RTTC, M.M .Nagar in to an Engineering Centre of Excellence with private participation from reputed institutes. It will be a good food for thought for both the Heads of Circles CGM-Ch.TD & CGM-TN Circle present here. We also request our GS to take up this with BSNL CO.

 On the Finance aspect also there are still some loose knots by way of unsettled pay anomalies, amenities to staff and Executives, etc., that require personal intervention of our P.GM (Finance) who is not new to Chennai Telephones set up. Similarly the issues regarding payment of Electricity Bills for which MOU is pending is to be speeded up as otherwise the delay in payment is costing dear by way of penal interest. The Rent fixation and subsequent payment of the same with regard to Cell Tower Sites especially in rural Areas is another important issue to be taken care of to avoid un necessary tension to the Field Officers.

 I am proud to state that Chennai Telephones has outperformed in Enterprise Business Area where we have taken lead role by increasing FTTH customer base, Leased Circuits etc., and we had the appreciation from DIR-EB, BSNL Corporate Office in this regard. This achievement could be possible due to sustained efforts of our Staff and Officers in that wing ably supported and guided by our Sr.GM Sri.R.Ganesan.

 Sri.R.Ganesan,ITS has also effectively managed the vast Transmission network across Chennai despite increased developmental activities in this metro causing frequent disturbance of our Cable and OFC network. Our Executives have extended the best cooperation to his efforts since Team spirit was the guiding factor in all his decisions.

 While Transmission and EB are the most important zone, the Senior Officers heading other Areas are second to none and we express our sincere gratitude and thanks to all of them for their lead role to ensure Chennai Telephones continue as one of the main profit Centre for BSNL.

                         Organizationally, we the Executives of AIBSNLEA are always identified with dedication and hard work. We are the only Association to constantly update our Management of the Field constraints and at the same time offer solutions also. We always belief in exploring the path of negotiation first and it is this spirit that has brought laurels to our Association. We never hesitate to point fingers if a mistake is committed by the management and at the same time we never failed to appreciate the good initiative of the management. 

 While on behalf of AIBSNLEA, we assure our untiring efforts to regain the customer base, we feel that it is a Team work where in the Management also must come forward to ensure a good atmosphere with suitable freedom to exercise the delegated power.  But for some solvable contentious issues, we are really thankful to the Administration Team including Finance for their effective functioning that ensured overall Industrial Harmony in Chennai Telephones.

   Comrades, Chennai Telephones were always the reference point for our BSNL CO whenever a new initiative is thought of and we must keep up this importance by way of our continued better performance. Let us re dedicate ourselves to achieve the target through tireless efforts.

 Thanking you all for a patient hearing,



With warm greetings,


                                                                                                                                Circle Secretary

25-05-2015         Sincere thanks to our beloved GS

 As per the Commitment given by GS in  our 5th Circle Conference in the Pre-conference(CEC) session  of the Chennai Telephones held on 22nd May 2015. The Retention Orders were issued by the Corporate Office on 25th May 2015 for the following Comrades. We are very much thankful for your kind support to the Chennai Telephones of AIBSNLEA.

Sl No.

Name of the Officer

Staff No.

HR No.

Transferred to Circle







CHTD till 31.03.2016













We know that you have taken this case in corporate office and We have sincere hope on your leadership,  that  pending case will also be resolved . The pending case detail is as follows:-

Sl No.

Name of the Officer

Staff No.

HR No.

Transferred to Circle

Retention Required












21-05-2015                          Kind attention....

My beloved comrades,

The fifth Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA is being conducted on 22nd and 23rd of May 2015 and our Open session is scheduled on Friday the 22nd May 2015 at 17.00 hrs in the Lawn of Hotel Asoka, Pantheon Road, Egmore Chennai, wherein senior officers, our beloved GS and other veteran Trade Union Leaders are expected to address.

The Open session  is firmly scheduled between 17.00 hrs and 19.30 Hrs followed by Dinner. I request one and all to attend the Open Session and make it a grand success. Through this website, I also request all the retired comrades and our well wishers to treat this as a personal invitation and grace the occasion. 


19-05-2015                            **  Agenda for 5th Circle Conference ** 

                                                                                     << Click here for Agenda >>
Two days Agenda for the 5th Circle Conference is finalised. All Circle Office Bearers, Branch Office Bearers and Committee Members are requested to see the agenda and act accordingly to make the 5th CC a grand Success.

18-05-2015                       Branch Office Bearers List


                                                                   << Branch Office Bearers List >>

Branch Office bearers are requested to collect the Subscription from July 14 to June 15 as per the decision taken on 27-03-2015 in our CEC meeting. 



16-05-2015                      5th CC Poster 

                                             << 5th CC Poster  >>

15-05-2015            Responsibilities for Committee Chairman and Convenor

CS request all Committee Chairman and Convenor to conduct meeting and give directions to Committee Members. Committee Members are requested to inform each of our members to participate and grace our Open Session on 22-May-2015 at Hotel Asoka at 17:00Hrs.

Our CHQ President and our beloved GS, Com . J.Saibaba AGS and Com Patil OS South will be participating and interacting with our members.

Finance Committee Chairman and Convenor are requested to contact each branches for collecting the subscription from July 14 to June 15 as per decision taken on 27-03-2015 in our CEC.

*** For more information Kindly Click and see the final Committee List and Invitation   page 1    page 2 ***** 

10-05-2015  Our hearty welcome to Ms.S.M.Kalavathy,ITS as HoC-ChTD


            It is our great pleasure to wholeheartedly welcome you to takeover as the highest leadership (Head of the Circle) of our Greater Chennai Telephones. We have all the hope and expectation in your valuable and vast experience, optimistic approach towards the betterment of our Chennai Telephones in all respect and in every field.

            We assure you our fullest cooperation in the progress and achievements of our Chennai Telephones pertaining to our service to the Esteemed Customers and welfare of our Employees.


12-05-15                 Call from CHQ for Trade Union Action ......

12.05.2015: AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and non-settlement of long pending HR issues in BSNL with following demands:

1. Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification dated 1st May 2015, scrapping the MT RR altogether and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL. No lateral entry of fresher’s at any level above JTO/JAO/Equivalent..

2. Resolution of various other pending HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales (E2 for JTO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE /Equivalent), Holding of CPCs to fill up vacant JAG/STS/Group B etc. The issues have already been submitted by this forum as enumerated in Annexure-II of this letter. Protest activity and schedule is as follows:

i.  18-05-2015 to 25-05-2015 – Signature Campaign and bearing black badges.

ii.  25-05-2015 - Lunch hour demonstration at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

iii. Two days Dharna on 09.06.2015 and 10.06.2015 at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

 <<<Click here for the notice>>> <<<Click here for copy of the UF letter dated 03.09.2014>>> All the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries/activists are requested to mobilize and make this organizational action programme a grand success against the arbitrary and indifferent  attitude of BSNL Management.


10-05-2015     Events.......

10/05/15:(3) Stage Management   committee meeting for Circle conference was held on 10/05/15(Sunday)  at 16.30hrs.Com V.Gabriel  DE Chairman, Com. Sivakumar SDE Convener and  Core members attended and started initial arrangements. CS attended   and gave guidelines to committee.

(2) Circle office bearers meeting was held on 07/05/15  at 17.30hrs.Circle president presided over the meeting and discussed the modalities for forthcoming circle conference. Collection for subscription  and Conference fees  to be completed  on 15/05/15.CS requested all the members to pay the subscription and conference fees  voluntarily within the prescribed time for smoothly  conducting the Circle conference. All the Branch and Finance Secretaries to ensure the same. 

(1) RTTC Meeting was held at Marai Malai Nagar  during lunch hour on 06/05/15.Meeting was organized by our Branch Secretary Com.D.Sridhar, DE and presided over by our Finance Secretary Com.R.Selvakumar ,Sr.AO. All the JAOs  trainees attended the meeting. CS addressed the gathering and  clarified their queries.


07-05-2015                Formation of Committees for 5th Circle Conference 

The following Committees are formed for effectively conducting the 5th Circle Conference on 22nd and 23rd May 2015. Due to short period of time, Chairmans' and Convenors' of the committees are requested to conduct meeting with members in each committee and give necessary directions.Core Committee will monitor the CHTD and CPT Branch operations for conference.

Chairman : M.Ramarajan,DE BP(CPT) Convener :  P.Somu ,DGM-BP(EB)
Vice Chairman: D.Kasthuribai DGM CFA Dy.Convener : D.S.Ramasubramanian,DGM (CHR)
K.Raj Narayanan , JAO - OS (Accounts) G. Harikumar, JTO- FS (BB)
C.G.Chakrapani,AO-BP(KKN) Kami Venkatesan ,JTO -BS(EB)
M.G.Parisuthamani,SDE -BS(ADY) U.S.Anandhan ,AO (ARD)
Venkatasubramanian ,JAO(NBA) R.Ravi ,JAO-BS(SBA)
R.Manimozhi,CO IV(LC) R.Sivasubramanian,SDE(E)
Gopalakrishnan,JTO-FS(CPT)  S.Arunachalasankar,SDE-ABS(KK Road)
R.Natarajan,SDE-BP(HRD) A.Sekar,JTO-FS(MBM)


Chairman : B.Ganesan,DGM -CWC(M) Convener : K.Guhan ,DE-DS(KCM)
Vice Chairman : R.Padmini,AGM-CEC(M) Dy.Convener :  S.Elango,SDE
T.D.Amuthavannan ,EO (N) ABS-NBA A.Kalaiselvi AGM - CEC(M)
L.S. Lalitha,SDE-BS(CPT) Jothi Ayyapppan, SDE TXM(ARD)
K. Vijaya SDE NIB V. Latha SDE NIB
M.V.Saveetha,PS AddlGM N.Indumathi,SDE-FS(CHR)
M.Bhavani,SDE-BS(NW) R.Sasikala,SDE-FS(KK Road)
V.Lalitha,EO(Dev) K.Jayanthi ,SDE (BB)
A.Kavitha,JTO(MPLS) M.Benith Ponmalar JAO- AFS(CO)
Chairman :  R.Raju CAO-BP(WBA) Convener :  R.Vijayasarathi,SDE -BS(NBA)
Vice Chairman :  D.Baskar DGM-BP(KCM) Dy.Convener : P. Pandian DGM (BP)-BP KK Road
V.Palani,AO-Auditor(CBA) J.Nambinachiyar,SDE-BS(CHR)
B.Anuradha,AO(SE) B.Ganapathy Subramanian,JTO-FS(EB)
A.S.Srinivasan,AO-CWC(M) V.P.Elango,AO-FS(ARD)
T.Ramesh,AO-FS(NBA) S.Chandrasekaran-JAO-FS(NW)
R. Akila AO PGM(F) B.K.Rajendran,JAO(NP)
V.Girija,CAO(LD)   M.A.Ganapathy JAO-AFS(AMB)


Chairman :  P.Velu,DGM-VP Convener :  P.Ramalingam,SDE-BS(AMB)
Vice Chairman : N.Balasubramanian,OS(N) Dy.Convener :  C.S.Devika, DGM -CEC(M)
S.Venkatesan,SDE-BP(PML) S.Kombiah,JTO-FS(AMB)
B. Thirunavukarasu,SDE-VP(CHR) T.Selvan,SDE-BS(HRD)
J.Rajeswari,AO(NBA) J.Mutharasi,SDE(LC-EB)
D.Kalaivani,AO(COBA) Muthulakshmi Ramamoorthy,SDE-AFS(NBA)
D.Padmavathi,SDE(AVD) E.Manorama, SDE(A) EB
K.Mannu,AO TR(LD) T.Nagendran SDE -BP(AT)
Chairman :  V.Gabrial,DE ,OS(West) Convener : S.Sivakumar,SDE -BS(HRD)
Vice Chairman :S.Shridharan,OSD -AFS  Dy.Convener :  N.Raghunathan ,DE-CEC(M)
  & Com N. Sukesh Kumar, JTO SPD- AFS(KCM)
C.Ramesh Kumar,SDE-BS(BB) C.P.Sridhar,JAO CSC(KK Road)
C.Mani,JTO-BS(MBM) P.Jaganathan,JTO -BS(KKN)
T.Udayasankar ,JTO-FS(HRD) G.Subramani,JTO-FS(KCM)
P.Suresh,JAO-FS(KKN) T.Vijayan,JAO-FS(COBA)
V.Krishnan ,SDE NIB M.V.R.Ravi,PS GM(MKTG)
K. Kamaraj, SDE BSS RKN- FS Narasimhan JAO(ARD)
Chairman :  B.Manjunath SDE,FS(CO) Convener : M.Palanichamy,SDE OS(South)
Vice Chairman : M. Sudersan DE-BS(KK Road) Dy.Convener :  V.T.Gunasekaran DGM-BP(NW)
G.Muthukumar CAO(CBA) B.Suryakumar,AO MRS(RKN)
S.Ramesh CAO(COBA) H.Rajamani,JTO(TXM)
M.Prabhuvasan  SDE JJR G.P Rayen JTO (PVM)- ABS CHR
A.Chandrika ,EO (GM-CFA) V.Lalitha,JTO(MBM)
Durga Ramdoss ,SDE TXM(HRD) C.Rajendran,JTO -ABS(BB)
M.Subramani,AO(SBA) Nagarajan,SDE-CEC(M)
Balakrishnan, SDE -BS(AT)   R.Vasantha, SDE TXM (KKN)
Chairman :  N.Mohan,DE -VP(KCM) Convener :S.Arumugaraj, SDE -BS(CO)
Vice Chairman : S.Sundaresan ,AGM(EB) Dy.Convener : S.Baranidharan,SDE-BS(GSM)
S.Appavoo,SDE-BS(ARD) S.Sankar,AGM-BP(CHR)
A.Mani ,DE-VP(ARD) G.Lalitha ,DGM-BP(ADY)
M.Thirumurtykumar,DGM-VP(CPT) S.N.Shankaralingam,SDE-AFS(CPT)
P;K.Seshadri,PS GM(EB) Jayasuriyachellam,OL -CEC(M)
P.Tilagavathi,SDE -FS(KOD) R.Janakiraman,CAO-FC
M.Rajendran ,CAO (ARD) S.Ayyappan ,SDE Civil II
Dr. A Kannan SDE Marketing   N. Mahesh JAO- FS(SBA)
Chairman :  T.Theagarajan,OS(Central) Convener :A.M. Ashtag Zaki,SDE(E)
Vice Chairman : V.Ulaganathan,SDE-CEC(M)` Dy.Convener : T.R.S.Sriram,ACS
K.R.Ravinarayanan,PS-ACS J.Padmanabhan,CAO -BP(ARD)
Revathikumar,SDE TXM(HRD)` N.Jeyakumar,SDE-BP(BB)
A.Sivaraman,DE-VP E.Sekaran,JAO -ABS(WBA)
J.Ramamurthy,AGM (WBA) Usha Rajam ,DE TXM
M.Ramanathan JAO NE-III K.Baskaran,CAO (Pension &MRS)
D.C.Ramamurthy,DE TXM(KEL)   P.Balakrishnan ,DGM (F)-CSC 

06-05-2015                Emergency Circle Office Bearers Meet

             Cicrcle Office Bearers and CWC Members Emergency meet to be held on 07-05-2015 at 17:15 Hrs at Mambalam Telephone Exchange Bldg. All Circle Officer Bearers and CWC Members are requested to attend the emergency meeting for discussion about forthcoming Fifth Cicle Conference to be held on 22nd and 23rd May 2015.Kindly attend without fail.

01-05-2015               Wishes for Retiring Officers....

 Retirement  of Shri A. BalaSubramanian ITS, CGM Chennai Telephones and Smt. Sumithra Sampath, DGM (FC)  on 30-04-2015.

  CS, CP, Com B. Ganesan CWC Member, Com . Sankar Ganesh President CO, Com. B. Manjunath FS CO, Com. S. Sridharan AFS honoured the retiring Officers with Shawl and Momento was presented.

 Com. P.C Dinakaran -   

 CS alongwith OS North, BS AMB, Com P. Ramalingam and Sr. Com P. Velu VP honoured Com.P.C.Dinakaran.

 CS addressed the staff meeting at Mugapair East held on 30-04-15 and appreciated the efforts of retiring  officer.


CS met  Sri. Krishnan DGM (Fin) CBA and Sri.Karuppiah DE (GSM-MSC ARD) at Chamber on 30-04-15 along with Com A. Mani VP ARD Branch, Com P. Somu President EB and honoured with shawl and Momento on their retirement.

Retirement of our ACS Com.T.R.S Sriram CAO (IFA) WBA- CS honoured and addressed the farewell meeting at Kodambakam Tel Exchange. Many of our Circle Office Bearers attended this  superannuation function.


 02-05-2015             Honouring our Members for donating to  Association...

The following Comrades  DONATED in addition to the requested Subscription [ Subs period: July' 2014 to June' 2015 PLUS Rs.400/- Total Rs.1000/- ] and Conference Fees. CS appreciated their initiative move.

1 C.Vallinayagam AGM ADMN M/Rd 5000 27-03-15
2 A.Karunanithi DE BS Adyar 2000 27-03-15
3 S. Ravikumar JTO ACS KOD 3000 15-Apr-15
4 P.Thilagavathy SDE FS KOD 2000 15-Apr-15
5 Krishna Kumar AO Member RK Nagar 2000 17-Apr-15
1 C.Vallinayagam AGM ADMN M/Rd 5000 27-03-15
2 A.Karunanithi DE BS Adyar 2000 27-03-15
3 S. Ravikumar JTO ACS KOD 3000 15-Apr-15
4 P.Thilagavathy SDE FS KOD 2000 15-Apr-15
5 Krishna Kumar AO Member RK Nagar 2000 17-Apr-15
1 C.Vallinayagam AGM


 M/Rd 5000 27-03-15
2 A.Karunanedhi DE  BS  Adyar 2000 27-03-15
3 S. Ravikumar JTO ACS  KOD 3000 15-04-15
4 P.Thilagavathy SDE FS   KOD 2000 15-04-15
5 Krishna Kumar AO Member  RK Nagar 2000  17--04-15


29-04-2015             Notice for 5th Circle Conference on 22nd and 23rd May 2015


We are glad to announce our 5th Circle Conference on 22nd and 23rd of May 2015 at Chennai. 

                                       Kindly See the Notice       <<Click here for pdf>>


01-05-2015    Happy May Day 2015 and AIBSNLEA foundation day Wishes !!

  MAY DAY is Celebrated as the "International Workers Day" and "Union Labour Awaken Day" which reminds us the movements led to implementation in changing the working environment, Minimum Wages, 8 hours Work, Child Labour Prohibition and other privileges to all of us. 

 AIBSNLEA is celebrating its 12th Foundation Day on 1st May 2015.Greetings for all the Members on this occasion.

                                                  Best Wishes for all the BSNL Staff from AIBSNLEA CHTD


01-05-2015 Additional charge of CGM Chennai Telephones by CGM Tamilnadu Circle

Looking after arrangement of CGM Chennai Telephones, Superannuation of Shri A Bala Subramaniam on 30-04-2015

                                                                                                << CO Order >> 

24-04-2015               CHQ NEWS.....

 GS, FS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Finance) met Shri Deb Chakravarti, the new GM (Pers.) and greeted him on his new assignment and discussed regarding-

(a) Filling-up of the vacant DGM (Engg.) posts: We expressed our concern against non-filling up of the vacant DGM posts as the TES Group "B" seniority lists have been finalized as per the Hon'ble Apex Court judgment and the VCRs collected so far are going to be lapsed by this month end. We further mentioned that about 170 DGM posts can be filled immediately from the DEs who have passed the TES Gr "B" qualifying examination in 1985 and their seniority is now undisputed in view of the latest orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court. GM (Pers.) appreciated our concern and assured for an early action in this regard.

(b) Filling-up of the vacant DE posts: We apprised GM (Pers) that the list number 6 and 7 have now been re-casted as per the Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment and the Contempt in Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh is also been dismissed. We requested to fill-up about 1000 vacant DEs posts from the eligible SDEs (T) from the newly casted list number 6 and 7. GM (Pers) assured to look into the matter.

(c) Filling-up of the vacant SDE (T) under 67% seniority quota: We apprised GM (Pers.) that the CPC work in this regard is in process since last 8-10 months but the promotion orders could not be issued due to stay order from Hon'ble High Court Kerala. The case is posted for hearing after 20th May, 2015. We requested GM (Pers) to look into the matter so that about 6600 vacant SDEs (T) posts can be filled-up from the eligible JTOs under 67% seniority quota.

(d) Notification of the LICE for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T): We appreciated the Recruitment Cell for issuing notification for the LICE. GM (Pers.) mentioned that on completion of this LICE, immediately another notification will be issued for conducting the LICE for the remaining vacancies as soon as the court case is settled in Hon'ble High Court Shimla. BSNL is already submitted its reply.

 25-04-2015:   Branch Office Beareas  list Reproduced for ready reckoner..

 The following Chengalpattu Branch Office bearers were elected unanimously: 

President :                      

Com. M RamaRajan


Vice President :              

Com.ThiruMurthy Kumar



Com. L.S Lalitha


Finance Secretary:           

Com. GopalaKrishnan


Executive Members

1 Com. S.N Sankara Lingam



2. Com. G. Radha



3. Com. Geetha Ashok



3. Com. Janaki


 The following Branch Office bearers (SBA) were elected unanimously for the next term:-

President :                      

Com. Sheik Allaudin        

DGM  (F&A)

Vice President :              

Com. M  Subramanian   

AO (P&A)


Com.  R .Ravi

JAO( TR)  1

Fin. Secretary:           

Com.N  Mahesh   

JAO  (works)



1. Com. Parvathy Sridhar

AO  (Works)


2. Com. Lakshmi Narayanan    

JAO  (P&A)


3. Com.   Bhuvaneswari

JAO   (Cash)


 The following Branch Office bearers (STM) were elected unanimously for the next term:-

President :                      

Com.N. Ramachandran       

DE Mrktg S

Vice President :              

Com. Usha Rajam   



Com.  R. Krishnan


Finance Secretary:           

Com. Anantha Soubhagya Laksmhi   


Executive Members

1. Com. M. Subha



2. Com.  Santha Jayaram    



3. Com.   S. Padmini


 The following Anna Road   Branch Office bearers were elected for next Term. 


Com. P.Padmanabhan


Vice President               


DE TXM Central

Vice President               



Branch Secretary

Com. B.Appavoo





Finance Secretary:           

Com. V.P.Elangovan


Asst.Fin.Secretary -I

Com. A.Vallikannu



Com. Dr.A.Kannan


Executive Members

1 Com. J.Padma



2. Com. C.Inbasekaran

JTO Extl


3. Com. G.Siva ramakrishnan



3. Com. Jothi ayyappan





 The following Branch Office bearers (MBM) were elected for the next term:- 


 Com. A.Thangappan  


Vice President             

 Com. P.Sivadas   

DE Extl


 Com.  C.Mani

JTO Extl

Finance Secretary         

 Com. P.Anuradha   




JTO Extl

Executive Members

1. Com. Padmavathy



2. Com.  Susilavenkataraman    



3. Com.C.N. Thamaraiselvi



The following Branch Office bearers (ADY) were elected for the next term:-



Com. G.Lalitha  


Vice President             

Com. R.Rajendran   



Com.  M.G.Parisuthamani





Finance Secretary         




Com.Vaidehi varahan


Executive Members

1. Com. Vijayalakshmi Kamalakannan



2. Com.M.Mohana   



3.Com.Srividya sundar


 The following Branch Office bearers of  GSM( BTS/BSS) were elected for the next term:- 

Branch President                      

Com. S.Nithya kalyani


Vice President

Com.A. Karuppiah


Branch Secretary

Com.S.Barani Dharan

SDE/GSM Infra&Billing RKN

Finance Secretary         






Executive Members

1.Com.  M.S.Poonguzuli





 The following Branch Office bearers reorganized for AMB, AVD and PML on 16.04.15 and

   were elected for the next term:- 


Com.  R.Jayaraman  


Vice President             

Com. Kirupa Kasthuri


Vice President-II                    



Divisional Secretary




Com,S. Venkatesan


Asst.Divl.Secretary II

Com D. Padmavathy


Finance Secretary         

 Com S.Kombaiah  



Com M.A.Ganapathy  


Executive Members

Com P. Majo P.John   



Com S.Indira



Com. R.M.Fadric



Com. K.Rajendiran



Com. . P.A.Sundrarajan


Nominated as CEC Member.    



 20-04-2015   CHQ NEWS  ABOUT STRIKE....

Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations & other Unions/Associations met today morning and after analysing the CMD's meeting held on Friday, 17.04.2015 and unanimously decided to make 100% success of two days nation wide strike on 21.04.2015 and 22.04.2015. Most of the demands pertains to DoT/Govt. and till date no initiative has been taken by DoT to hold the meeting with the Forum or to take some initiative for resolution of the demands. All the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries and activists of AIBSNLEA are requested to ensure 100% participation in the strike call.

17-04-2015               Farewell Meeting for S. Baranidharan, BS (AVD & AMB)  

                    FareWell Meeting for S. Baranidharan, BS (AVD & AMB) was held on 16-04-2015 at Ambattur OT.  Comrade was transferred to GSM on request transfer. Farewell meeting was chaired by our Vice President Com P.Velu DGM.  Com.N.BalaSubramanian OS (North) and CS attended and addressed the farewell meeting. On behalf of the Circle, CS honoured Com S. Baranidharan with shawl.  For Branch, Com P. Velu VP honoured him with shawl. 

                    GB meeting unanimously selected Com P.Ramalingam as BS PML to additionally take over AVD and AMB Branch. All the members please extend the co operation to new BS, alike extended to ex BS.




17-04-2015                       Meeting of Unions/ Associations held at CHTD

1.  Meeting of CS’s of BSNL Unions/ Associations was held on 17-04-2015 at Flower Bazzar Exge Complex. 

      Com. R.Vijaya Sarathi BS (NBA) AIBSNLEA, participated for the meeting .

2.   Meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations was held on 16-04-2015 at Kushkumar Road Complex. 

       Com. Raj Narayanan, OS (Accnts) attended  and addressed the meeting.

3.   Meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations was held on 15-04-2015 at Kodambakkam Tel Xge.        

       Com. Ravikumar, ACS AIBSNLEA, took part in the meeting and delivered speech to the gathering. 

17-04-2015                  CHQ NEWS  (AO to CAO Regular case..)

GS, AGS(C/E/Arch/TF), AFS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding-

(a) CPC from AO to CAO (Regular): We requested to expedite CPC work for promotion from AO to CAO (Regular). GM (FP) mentioned that CPC work from AO to CAO (Regular) is in process but could not be completed due to business of CLO. CLO has assured to expedite the CPC work within two-three days. GM (FP) further mentioned that still some VCRs are awaited from CVO. GS also requested CLO to help in completing the CPC work, CLO assured to expedite CPC work within two three days.


15-04-2015           Bharath Ratna Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Birthday Celebrations-2015 

On the eve of Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s Birthday Celebrations on 14-4-2015, CGM CHTD presided and distributed merit awards and Dr. B.R Ambedkar Memorial Award for meritorious students at Hall of Inspiration, Anna Road. CS addressed the gathering and delivered inspirational speech on the life achievements of Dr. B.R Ambedkar, and regarding the welfare schemes and future development of BSNL CHTD.   


14-04-2015         AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes Tamil New Year and Vishu 2015 to all comrades

              AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes a Happy Tamil New Year and Vishu 2015 to all the Comrades and Staff of BSNL. 

14-04-2015             Meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations on 13-04-2015

Meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations was held on 13-04-2015 at Chrompet Tel Xge Complex. CS attended the meeting and explained 20 points of our demands for the forth coming agitation on 21st and 22nd of April 2015. Com K.G, Convener of Forum delivered the special address to the gathering.

10-04-2015    CHQ NEWS               Status of Rule 206  case : 

The Committee headed by Hon'ble Justice Shri  Ramamurthy hold the hearing on 06.04.2015 in the Hon'ble Supreme Court and all the concerned affected parties (due to implementation of  rule 206) have been directed to give their representations to Committee immediately . The next hearing dates are decided on 15.04.2015 at 17:00 hrs, 18.04.2015  at 11:00hrs, 23.04.2015 at 17:00hrs and 02.05.2015 at 11:00hrs  in Rammanna Bhawan , Lodhi Road , New Delhi. All concerned may give their representation individually or through  their advocates immediately to the Committee. Committee will submit its report to Hon'ble Supreme Court after 02.05.2015. Hon'ble Supreme Court will hear the case in  Aug-2015.


10-04-2015         Circle Secretary Monitoring the  DGM(L/A) West Area[C&A]

       As per members request from Kodambakam Branch, CS visited  the  GM (West) Office on 10-04-2015. Lots of complaints were received from Service Unions/ Association of the DGM (C&A)area. It is understood that the DGM concerned, Sri.C.K. Bhaskaran DGM C&A (KOD)-LA is working against the interest of Staff Welfare and against BSNL improvement in west area customers. CS is closely monitoring further developments in C&A (KOD). 

06-04-2015 Revised Provisional Seniority List of SDE(T)s Published by Corporate Office

     Revised Provisional Seniority lists (list no.6 & list no.7) of TES Gr ‘B’ equivalent to SDE (T) published by Corporate Office. All the members concerned are requested to check the lists for Errors in Seniority lists regarding Name, Category, HRMS and Omission in the list and may please be taken up with local administration before 18th April 2015.

                                                                << List 6>>                              <<List 7>>


06-04-2015                                ................   Forum direction      ...........

 Chennai Telephones Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations meeting was held on 01.04.15 at Flower bazar regarding the proposed strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015. Com.K.G Convener Welcomed all the CSs and Representatives. Com.C.K.Mathivanan Chairman presided over the meeting. Due to preoccupation, CS was not able to attend the meeting.

Hence as per the decision in the meeting COBs, BOBs and acting members of our Association are requested to participate in the meetings at the following places. 

Forum Coordination Sub-Committee meeting will be held with the in-charge as mentioned below. 

1.North East/Head Qtrs/Development -- Com.K.Govindaraj CS, BSNLEU
2.North Peripheral/West/South West -- Com.C.K.Mathivanan CS,NFTE
-- Com.M.Vijayakumar CS AIBSNLOA
3.South East -- Com.S.Lingamoorthy CS,FNTO
4.North West -- Com.M.Vijayakumar CS TEPU
-- Com.Uma Chandran CS AIGETOA
5.Central -- Com.A.Shanmuga Sundara Rajan CS SNEA(I)
6.STR/STP -- Com.P.Udayasuriyan CS AIBSNLEA
7. Kanchipuram -- Com.D.S.Ramprabhu
--  Com.R.Dhanasekaran
8. Chengelpet -- Com.C.Olly ACS SNEA (I)
-- Com.M.Janadhanam
-- Com.V.Ravi
-- Com.C.Amalanathan
9. Tiruvallur -- Com.A.Sukumar CS SEWA 
-- Com.D.C.Panchatcharam
-- Com.C.K.Ragunathan


                                                                               <<  CLICK HERE FOR NOTICE >>

1.North East/Head Qtrs/Development -- Com.K.Govindaraj CS, BSNLEU
2.North Peripheral/West/South West -- Com.C.K.Mathivanan CS,NFTE
                                                                 -- Com.M.Vijayakumar CS AIBSNLOA
3.South East -- Com.S.Lingamoorthy CS,FNTO
4.North West -- Com.M.Vijayakumar CS TEPU
                                                                 -- Com.Uma Chandran CS AIGETOA
5.Central -- Com.A.Shanmuga Sundara Rajan CS SNEA(I)
6.STR/STP -- Com.P.Udayasuriyan CS AIBSNLEA
7. Kanchipuram -- Com.D.S.Ramprabhu/ Com.R.Dhanasekaran
8.Chengelpet -- Com.C.Olly ACS SNEA(I)
--     Com.M.Janadhanam
-- Com.V.Ravi
-- Com.C.Amalanathan
9. Tiruvallur -- Com.A.Sukumar CS SEWA 
-- Com.D.C.Panchatcharam
-- Com.C.K.Ragunathan

04-04-2015-Transfer,Retention and Promotion in Accounts cadre......

 1.Sri R.Swaminathan CAO got Promotion to DGM(Finance)- vide BSNL CO no: 9-43/2010 SEA BSNL DT 30/3/15.

 2.Sri.K.N.Krishnakumar (AO) promotion order has been modified to Kerala from MHT Circle.

 3.Sri.M.Thirumaran (AO)   has been retained in Chennai Telephones -Period of SIX months. Congratulations to all comrades.

 4.Smt.V.Devika AO,QA(BG)- Transfer order issued from BG to Chennai Telephones (own cost) on 31/03/15.



Com. P.Venugopal, DGM(Fin.) Selam TD, TN Circle & AIBSNLEA CHQ President on his superannuation retired today: We congratulate & greet Com. P.Venugopal - Our CHQ President on his superannuation on retirement. Com. P. Venugopal is the founder member of AIBSNLEA & serving this association, now as CHQ President. We wish him a happy, prosperous & healthy retire life.

Circle Executive Committee Meeting was held on 27/3/2015 at CONFERENCE HALL, ICSA ,EGMORE. Honoured and  Felicitated our Senior Comrades  Com. C. Vallinayagam,AGM-LEGAL Circle Office  and Com. M. Karunanidhi - DE TMR, Branch Secretary,Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur retiring on superannuation.

Com.S.Rajeswari AGM, Admn who has given VRS on 25.03.15,AIBSNLEA-Chennai Telephones wish her a healthy,happy and prosperous VRS Life. 

Com.S.Boopathy DE AT II our Ex-VP of Inspection Circle Branch on his superannuation on retired on 31/3 /15, CS was invited by IC Branch BP & BS,CS has addressed a meeting and also  Presented a shoul on behalf  of Chennai circle .AIBSNLEA  wish him a peaceful ,happy, healthy and prosperous retired life.                                                                                                                                                                                       *****************************************         

                           28-03-2015   Circle Secretary -First CEC Report ......

      Kindly click and read  CS Report in First CEC  at Chennai on 27/03/2015....  

                                                                           Click and read Agenda 

26-03-2015  Formation of Branches...

 The following Anna Road   Branch Office bearers were elected for next Term. 


Com. P.Padmanabhan


Vice President                


DE TXM Central

Vice President                




Com. B.Appavoo





Finance Secretary:           

Com. V.P.Elangovan





Executive Members

1 Com. J.Padma



2. Com. C.Inbasekaran

JTO Extl


3. Com. G.Siva ramakrishnan



4. Com. Jothi ayyappan





  The following Branch Office bearers (MBM) were elected for the next term:-



Com. A.Thangappan  


Vice President             

Com. P.Sivadas   

DE Extl


Com.  C.Mani

JTO Extl

Finance Secretary         

Com. P.Anuradha   




JTO Extl

Executive Members

1. Com. Padmavathy



2. Com.  Susilavenkataraman    



3. Com.C.N. Thamaraiselvi


20-01-2015         CS-Madurai Programme at a glance

The felicitation function to Com. N.Veerapandian, Ex. Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA, TN Circle & Com. J. Balasubramanian, JAO (Taxation), Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Awardee, 2014 & Retired Comrades of Madurai Branch was conducted in a grand manner at Level 4 Building, Tallakulam, Madurai – 2 on 09.01.2015 around 6.00 p.m. 

The Function was headed by Com. A.R.E Roy, President, AIBSNLEA, Madurai District & our DS Com. N. Srinivasan gave the welcome address. Com.M.Sangiah, Ex DS & Patron of this branch gave his inaugural speech. Com. V.K. Paramasivam, Advisor, CHQ, Com.S.Karuppiah, CWC Member, Our Circle Secretary Com. S. Sivakumar &Com. P. Udhaya Suriyan, CS, Chennai Telephones  were attended and address the gathering.

Smt. S.E. Rajam, ITS, General Manager, BSNL, Madurai delivered special address speech and grace the occasion by her precious presence till the end of the function which concluded at 11.00 p.m.


The memories and message of the function will last long in the minds of our Comrades. Our Sincere Thanks and Hearty Congratulations to our MaduraiComrades!


                                        <<Photo1>>      <<Photo2>>           <<Photo3>>                 <<Photo4>>


13-01-2015 KK Nagar AGB

AGB meeting of KKNAGAR DIVISION was held on 12/01/2015 at 1730hrs in KKNagar building. The meeting was well organized by Com P.Jaganathan, JTO TXM KKN.  Com.T.R.S.Sriram ACS presided over the meeting. Com.V.Gabriel SDE MSC KKN -OS (West) welcomed the enthusiastic participants.  Com.Ravi Narayanan  PS to DGM NOW KKN –ACS ,  Com.R.Raj Narayanan JAO GSM – OS HQ  and Com.V.Chandrasekaran AO-FS  attended the meeting and addressed the gathering,  encouraging and appreciating the members for the hard work and unity. Com.T.R.S.Sriram also addressed the participants.  Our Circle Secretary Com.P.Udayasuriyan in the midst of busy schedule attended and addressed the members explaining in detail the present scenario of BSNL facing hardships in Finance, Customer base, Manpower, Material etc., Our CS assured Utmost care for our members at anytime for any genuine problems, especially coming in the way of development of our CHTD BSNL services to the customers. Also our CS mentioned with gratitude the high esteem our  CHTD Admn is having on AIBSNLEA, CHTD.



The following Office bearers were elected unanimously for the next term:- 

Sl no











Vice President




Branch Secretary




Finance Secretary




Asst.Finance Secretary




EC Member




EC Member


Usha Jayashree Sriram


EC Member

 The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com. P.Suresh FS KKN

08-01-2015   Haddows Road AGB

Haddows Road General Body Meeting was held on 07/01/2015 at 14-00 Hrs at Haddows Road Telephone Exchange. Com S. Shiva kumar has organised the meeting.

Com. V.Gabriel, OS (West) presided this meeting. CS and Com. Rajnarayanan OS(HQ)  attended and addressed the gathering. Our Circle Secretary Com.P.Udayasuriyan  addressed the gathering explained elaborately the latest Local and CHQ issues. The following Branch Office Bearers were elected unanimously for next Team. 


 PRESIDENT            :- Com.T. SELVAN, SDE OCB 







                                2.Com. S. POONGOTHAI, SDE 5ESS                                                                  

                                3. Com.A. KAVITHA, JTO MPLS VPN



25-12-2014  Kanchipuram

KCM & SPD Divisional meeting was held on 23/12/15 at 13-15 Hrs at Kanchipuram Telephone Exchange.

Our Senior Com.D.Bhaskar presided this meeting. CS attended and addressed the meeting and also explained elaborately the latest Local and CHQ issues. The following Branch Office Bearers were elected unanimously for next period.


                                KCM and Sriperumbudur  SDCA Branch Office Bearers

1.Com.D.BHASKAR –DGM[KCM.SPD.TTN&TVL]               -  President

2.Com.S.JANAKI SDE-TXM                                                     -  VP

3.Com.K.GUHAN, DE SPD-TXM                                              -  Branch Secretary

4.Com.C.V.KALI DASS,SDE PP& MDF                                   -  ABS

5.Com.G.SUBRAMANI,JTO  TXM                                           -  Finance Secretary



        Com.N.Mohan, DE- AS  Branch EC member.



AGB Meeting of the AMB,Avadi & Ponamallee Divisions :

Meeting was held at Ambattur Telephone Exchange complex  on 18/12/14 at 17:30 Hrs. Com.N.Balasubramanian, OS(N) was chairperson in this meeting. Com.S.Baranidharan and Com.P.Ramalingam delivered welcome address.       

      Both TN and CHTD CSs Com.S.Sivakumar & Com.P.Udayasuriyan alongwith our senior Com.B.Ganeasn CWC Member, Com.P.Velu VP, Com.T.R.S.Sriram & Com.S.Ravikumar ACSs, Com.Rajnarayanan OS-Accounts-HQ  and other Circle Office Bearers attended the meeting and addressed the gathering.The following new office bearers were elected unanimously.



1.     President                               Com. R.Jayaraman,  SDE/MGW/ RSU

2.     Vice President-I                     Com. Kirupa Kasthuri,  Sr. AO/AOTR/AMB

3.     Vice President-II                    Com. N.Vasudevaprabhu,  SDE/AVN RSU

4.     Divisional secretary                Com. S.Barani Dharan,  SDE/AVD/EXTL-I

5.     Asst Divisional secretary-I      Com,S. Venkatesan,   JAO/AOTR/AMB

6.     Asst Divisional secretary-II     Com.D. Padmavathy,  SDE/PTM /RSU

7.      Finance secretary                   Com. S.Kombaiah,  JTO/MGE/  RSU 

8.     Asst Finance secretary            Com. Ganapathy,  JAO/AOTR/AMB

9.     Executive members:

1.     Com.P. Majo P.John   SDE/AVD/EXTL-II

2.     Com.Indira   AO/AOTR/AMB

3.     Com. Fadric,  PS/AMB

4.     Com. K.Rajendiran,  SDE/AVD/INT


1.     President                                 Com. S.Venkatesan,  SDE/PML/ RSU

2.     Vice President-I                      Com. C.Nandagopal,  DE

3.     Divisional secretary                Com. P.Ramalingam,  SDE/KMN/RSU

4.     Asst Divisional secretary        Com  M.Ganasekaran,   JTO/TMZ/RSU

5.     Finance secretary                    Com. Nani,  SDE/TVK/ RSU 

6.     Committee member                 Com.    P.A.Sundrarajan ,JTO/EXTL     

                            Com.P.C.DINAKARAN ,SDE-  Nominated as Circle Executive Member  


Invitation from DSs of AMB & PML


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